YouTube to add Wikipedia info to conspiracy theory videos

As a way to stop conspiracy theory videos to spread as much as they have in the past, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the website will begin to post information from wikipedia on…




  1. 6 years, 855 videos, three

    quarter of a million views,

    slightly over 1000

    subscribers. and she

    destroyed it for no reason,

    R.I.P. John Shiva Channel

  2. The left-wing definition of "conspiracy theory"-anything that's either not left-wing or challenges/contradicts left-wing narratives and ideas.

    It's also anything that brings up any inconvenient truths about the left-wing, for example "antifa violence".

  3. So you tube has nothing better to do than debunk conspiracy theories? They're gonna be busy when they get around to the flat earthers.

  4. I have a better idea: TV and Youtube should link objective analysis and reviews of the products that are being advertised under every ad. How about that.

    So you see that brilliant ad of the indestructible beautiful Samsung Galaxy that can also butter your bread, but underneath you see a text both basically stating "this product isn't very good". Heh.

  5. Dude, there are SOOOOO many witnesses to there being more than one shooter at Vegas. Stop watching 'conspiracy' videos, and start watching ones that have actual video footage of witnesses &/or events..

  6. Conspiracy is a symptom, not the problem.

    The real problem is trust in MSM and the US goubernment. It's low, and to some people, like me, non-existent, and for good reasons too. They have been caught, multiple times mind you, lying, going against public interest, censorship, and in a couple of cases, just plain stupidity.

  7. I find it unsettling that the day after Steven Hawking died youtube took it's first step to a state controlled media in which free speech is prohibited.

  8. Is youtube totally stoned, that is one of the least reliable sources. When I was in college that was a source whose use was strongly discouraged.

  9. C'mon Matt. You have far too much respect and trust for people. You actually think that if there IS a conspiracy, some far left owned media outlet is just going to tell us when people that they know will possibly be the ones implicated?
    Don't trust anyone. Everyone in power has an agenda.

  10. 3: you need read + search = find true ! & false wikipedia gamesrater = untrustable informative manipulator digital paperfiles! Easy sum dude!

  11. All these talking about conspiracy videos made me remember about that one guy on YouTube who insists that the Logan Paul japanese forest video was fake… OH WAIT

  12. what is this if not another attempt to re-create the world of one government controlled truth?

    By definition conspiracy theory is a theory which suggests that the explanation taken as default is fabricated to cover the real truth by someone to hide his crime and agenda behind it. for what reason should we assume that the explanation accepted by default is the truth by default? in this world where Trump leads the united states? where Putin leads russia? in this world where governments and high authority officials have been caught for conspiring over and over again?

    wake up people, this is nothing but their evil attempt to hide their fingerprints.

  13. 99.9999% of conspiracies are fake news?? Ummm, I hope I misunderstood that. In other words you're saying, the six corporations that own all the media in this country along with the federal government is correct 99.9999% of the time and honest 99.999% of the time. Haha, OK.

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