WoW Conspiracy Theory – The Mysterious Khadgar

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  1. Him transforming into a raven is because of Atiesh, khadgar says that atiesh's raven form is useful so he doesn't need to ride gryphons.

  2. "it's the only thing that makes sense" ….    ………. =)    -_-     T_T     ………………….   (calmly tosses computer out of window) Ok internet, I've had my fun for the day

  3. Hello, I am from the future when the next expansion World of Warcraft Legion's storyline is completed and we await news on the next expansion and the Mystique theory has yet to be disproven whilst the Medivh and Sargeras theories were deconfirmed.

  4. This is three years old by now but I just stumbled across it and I have to say. I rarely like or comment on videos but this one is more than deserving of it XD

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