World Cup 2015 II Conspiracy to make India win : ICC President Mustafa Kamal tells ABP news

World Cup 2015 II Conspiracy to make India win I complained to ICC CEO: ICC President Mustafa Kamal tells ABP news.




  1. I will tell you what is dangerous for the game. Men like these. Surely Bangladesh made it to the quarterfinals. But India has outdone themselves in this tournament. 70/70 wickets. I am sure he docent have answer for that. Did Bangladesh have chances of winning the quarterfinals? Minute! Team India is at their best. They surely were in the form. Next thing you know, he will blame India as a team who won these matches by fault! I mean, come on! Have some sportsmanship. Bangladesh couldn't put up their game, then deal with it yourselves by improving and not playing the finger game. Indian team is at the top of the world right now. This blame on them is a deliberate thing Bangladeshi people. Jealous people!

  2. Be a sport Kamal Saab..you have put your foot in your mouth..India has put up a splendid performance throughout the tournament and Bangladesh was comprehensively beaten..even if the catch was given India still had the batting power to build up a good score..this is world cup and India are the defending champions..and if you have proof of TV screen showing Banners in India's support..show it..

  3. Well some of you guys either are complete biased supporters or big time assholes, First of all yes India is way stronger than Bangladesh but in this world cup Bangladesh particularly played well, and there's electrifying thing going on through the team, and all players were boost up to do something good which they've showed against one of the big team New Zealand. just fucking check the facts carefully assholes, Rohit should have been out when he scored 90 runs, Suresh raina should have called out, but since it went on review section they didn't gave out but if India appealed it would have been OUT for sure. And mahmudullas case is pathetic like fuck, usually Umpires review this type of case with time, by zooming in out from different angles, but on that case they just showed us once, no zooming from both side to ensure what happened exactly, even all these cases has removed from hawk eye, like criminals removed or hide evidences, all the ex players like kevin vaugn ricky pointing, richard hadly, even laxman justified bad umpiring changed the result, india would have been wrapped up within 250. See, Whenever Bangladesh were getting wickets against England, automatically umpires were checking the bowling was legal or not, same they've done in some cases on Zimb vs IND match. But when Bangladesh were getting wicket Umpires couldn't fucking reviewed once in order to check that was a legal delivery or not. You Indians are so pathetic and biased A-holes, that's the reason people around the globe gives that puky reaction when heard the word Indian.

  4. World cup 2019 news: Now Bangladesh wins the world cup 2019 after their wins in all tests, ODIs and T20 matches since their exile in last world cup..
    ICC declares the Bangladeshi tigers as CHAMPION OF THE ERA..

  5. shame on you guys, stop talking like rubbish. won after cheating, can't talk loud. Mustafa is right, how ICC screen was showing about India's wining before the game was finished. it is suspicious.He is right also, the board does not belong to India, it is the property of ICC.

  6. Dear Indians, listen. Listen carefully and use your goddamn brain to understand. We know your team is way better than us on pen & paper. We know we hardly stand a chance against your team. But you are missing the point here. All we wanted a fair match. Is that too much to ask for? We accept the defeat. We are satisfied enough to make quarter-final. Neither we expect to win the world cup nor we are coming up with excuses. But we just cant stand the injustice. Coz we love and respect this game. So we wanted to play it fairly. Look, 2-3 decisions went against us. If rohit sharma's out was given, then your team couldnt have scored more than 260-270. Maximum 280. And we PERHAPS would have chased it down. We did it before. Against your team! So it was not impossible for us. And when the decision went against us, our boys looked so frustrated. They were doomed. They got distracted and lost their concentration. But we were on the rhythm. You know one bad decision changed the scenario. Its a young team. They are still learning. Yet to be used to being professional. We had already lost the match there. The umpires called a straight no ball! Didnt even bother to ask the third umpire! Strange! Isn't it? Even dhawan's foot did touch the boundary line an inche! But replay wasnt showed properly. Didnt zoom! And dont forget your team winning the '83 world cup. Who on earth thought that they would win? And '96 world cup? Who thought the lankans would end up winning the world cup? So you never know. Now why we claim it was pre-arranged? So simple. If we defeated your team, then your team would be embarassed again. They would be bashed and abused by their people. And a laughing stock for the world. It wouldn't be the same if your team lost against teams like australia, south africa, new zealand. But losing to us matters. So they wanted to win against us by hook or by crook. They didnt want to take the risk of playing fairly. I know you people havent forgotten 2007 yet. That was beyond your imagination. And business is another issue. And as for jordan's run out, his bat didnt even touch the ground. Was well in the air. No one doubted that except you people. Neither the commentators nor even the english themselves. And as for imrul's one, that useless imrul ended up his innings being useless. That didnt change the game. But why your team didnt bother to appeal? Who told them not to? Anyway, if it was in any bilateral series we would have accepted it. But its world cup! Knock-out stage! Those decisions shattered the dreams of a well- recognized cricket crazy nation. did you get my point? All we wanted a fair match. If we want a fair unbiased match, is it right or wrong? C'mon. Answer me.

  7. Bengaladeshis should say this if they lost the match by a small margin. However, they lost it by a large margin. ONE OF the empires was from Pakistan!
    So, Bongobandhu, chill out and go and have fried fish or whatever it is that you have when your a$$ is on fire!

  8. "Morally Bangladeshis are bery bery down" says the moronic ICC president Mustafa Kamal.
    Ha, ha. This match has made Bangladeshis immoral it seems!
    Who made this moron a President of ICC?
    the guy should be sent home.
    Anyway, he does not list the mistakes that were made in the match. A case of sore losers. Do not deserve a test status.

  9. Here is my thoughts on the entire situation.

  10. A corrupt man like Srinivasan representing India..haha…clearly states what kinda nation you are.
    so this is the person that represents you best!you didn't find any better??
    poor Indians…

  11. Superbly responded by Mr. Mostafa Kamal. We all know what has happened there. It was an open conspiracy that forced to do biased umpiring. Clear like crystal. Shame on India.

  12. We repect indian player but what was happening…we have seen &whole world had seen…,but the decision was against Bangladesh and we also know that india cricket council have grat influence on icc

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