WND TV, Joel Richardson takes you to ‘The Underground’

Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson

Filmmaker, biblical teacher and bestselling author Joel Richardson is moving into fusion – the integration of Bible prophecy, current events and global missions.

It’s happening as he hosts a television program, “The Underground,” on WND TV.

Richardson’s “The Underground” premiers on WND TV on Monday, Oct. 5, and will appear on Mondays thereafter.

The New York Times bestselling author of “Mideast Beast,” and other hard-hitting books combining theology and contemporary geopolitics brings a unique ability to help Bible believers go beyond the headlines.

Richardson will provide the context and insight needed for Christians to understand what many people believe are prophetic times.

He warns viewers to expect a raw, gritty style.

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“‘The Underground’ is the fusion of Bible prophecy, currents events, and the global missions movement,” he said. “It is not a polished or highly produced show. It is a raw weekly program that takes you to the front lines to reveal what God is doing among the nations.”

One thing the show is unlikely to have is passive observers, he said.

“‘The Underground’ seeks not merely to understand what is happening throughout the world, but more importantly what we as Christians should be doing about it. How can we pray? How can we get involved?” he said.

Richardson is best known as the author of several fast-selling and rapturously received books, including his newest work, “When A Jew Rules The World.”

However, he’s also a filmmaker and director of the innovative documentary “End Time Eyewitness: Israel, Islam, and the Unfolding Signs of the Messiah’s Return.”

Richardson says he is excited to take another step in utilizing new technology to share the timeless message of the Gospel.

“Technology and how people get their information is changing at neck-breaking speeds,” commented Richardson. “We are living in a Gutenberg printing press paradigm-shift moment. Everything is changing. I am passionate about Jesus. I am passionate His Gospel, His return and His kingdom. So I want to take advantage of the shift in technology to not only proclaim the Gospel, but to prepare the believing community for His return.”

As a theological innovator, Richardson is well placed to be on the cutting edge of new media.

“Joel Richardson shocked the prophecy world with the New York Times bestseller ‘The Islamic Antichrist’ – which offered a whole new eschatological paradigm for many,” said Joseph Farah, chief executive officer and founder of WND and WND Books. “Now, appropriately, he’s got his own television show and WND is happy to make it available to an audience of 8 million regular monthly visitors.”

Richardson assures viewers “The Underground” will keep them informed about the most important issues of the day, including the struggle to share the message of Jesus around the world.

“If it is burning on my heart or if it is fresh in the news, I will talk about it,” Richardson promised. “If I am excited about some theological issue or some matter of biblical prophecy, I will talk about it. With a special emphasis on Israel, Islam, the return of Jesus, and the global missions movement, I have the freedom to cover whatever I am passionate about.”

Recently, Richardson covered the frenzy over the end of a rare “blood moons” tetrad and the Shemitah cycle, events that created a surge of interest among Christians and even the general public on the subject of the end times.

Richardson hopes “The Underground” can be used to educate people on what he believes is the truth behind the return of Christ, and steer believers away from sensationalism.

“The past few weeks with so many fixated on the completion of the Shemitah cycle and the final lunar eclipse of the tetrad, many believers have been wondering if we were about to enter the final seven years before the return of Jesus,” said Richardson.

He said he addresses those concerns in his coming shows.

“These are issues that the church needs to know.”

Richardson also seeks to unite his Christian perspective with cutting edge coverage of breaking news.

“Other weeks, I will interview guests from all over the world. From missionaries serving on the front lines to global leaders, ‘The Underground’ will not only bring the news to you, but it will help you to understand how it relates to God’s word and how believers should respond.

“With the massive influx of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe, how should we as Christians respond? Most conservatives are quite in touch with the dangers that this will bring, but now that they are coming, what can believers do about it? In the latest show, we interviewed a missionary living in the Balkans who is working to get the Bible into the hands of as many refugees as he can. These are the kinds of things we will cover.”

Richardson hopes “The Underground” will be a source of strength and stability for believes in what seems to be a world gone mad.

“The bottom line is that the world is only going to get crazier and unstable as we go forward,” warns Richardson. “‘The Underground” is going to be right there in the midst of it all helping followers of Jesus better grapple with and respond to all that is unfolding.”

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