Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists | Argument Clinic | WIRED

Alex Jones is not the only guy making a career out of conspiracy theories. They are everywhere on the internet and here’s why you have no choice but to ignore …




  1. If you look carefully you'll notice that basically almost all the conspiracy theorists come from the USA, this is the proof that the conspiracy theorists are the master of puppets of the conspiracies we see around…oh my God, this is the proof that they are Nazis! D: (I have the proof, but I can't show you right now, you have to trust me if I say that they are born from asses)

  2. I see the Bilderbergers have gotten to WIRED now, too. Unsubbed. Actually no, rersubbed – unsubbing is probably going to single me out as an enemy of the deep state.

  3. Defintely Rothschild/Soros propaganda this vid.. called muddying the waters..you know like Oswald holding posters for a "Fair play for Cuba" on TV…CIA didnt know which way the dumb downed goy would think..so they create many false paths..but CIA ended up killing like 300 goy witnesses to aspects of JFK murder

  4. Of course start off with flat earth your living in a lie. The earth can be both flat and a sphere depending on where it's being observed from just like atoms don't have to exist unless observed why does space have to exist unless you are in it observing it?

  5. They can't legitimately believe these things, it's just fun. If it isn't fun then conspiracy theorists won't believe it. What I noticed is every conspiracy theory is something big; fake moon landing, flat earth, 9/11, aliens, and other major things. If it's not something crazy like the shape of the earth or how every vegetable you eat may contain chemicals, then they don't see a point in believing in it. It's an interesting physiological phenomenon where they want to believe it, then they subconsciously believe it. Everyone loves to believe something other than the logical truth, which is why there are many popular sci-fi movies. People believe in ghosts and things like that because it's fun and usually because they think they have evidence.

  6. The basis for almost every argument in the world boils down to a person's worldview. How and what you are taught as well as how you were raised will affect your worldview. In other words, your starting point, your beliefs, your foundation, will define you, the actions you take, the person you are and are becoming. It will affect what you see as truth and what you see as untrue. But there is a problem, what you see as being true, someone else does not, because you have different foundations. You both have different starting points. This is the problem with humans in our world.

  7. That's really fun, talking about the Swam Example and Karl Popper is exactly what my Portuguese 11th Grade Philosophy Class Book had. It specifically gave the Black Swam Example and then we had to learn about Karl Popper.

  8. Pretty dumb to use the term "conspiracy theorists" and put flat earth and JFK assassination into one basket, and also BOTH are falsifiable.

    Also the video didn't age well because just a few days ago JFK assassination files were released and confirmed the second shooter and many other things, among which is CIA's plans to create a false terrorist attack in the USA to justify invading Cuba or sth.

  9. But then it's good to question things, because if the thing you question is solid enough it can shut up the person who questions it.

  10. 1:19 Most conspiracies are falsifiable. It's just that no one is willing to send a moron to space just to prove him live with his naked eyes that the earth is a sphere, it would be money wasted.

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