Why the Twitter MH370 Conspiracy Theory is Fake

Ty AKA strayedaway on Twitter posted a strange morse code that’s been sent to this phone. People believe it’s related to the MH370, a plane that disappeared in Malaysia 4 years ago. This guy:…




  1. Twitter twaddle. The truth lies within the Proliferation Security Initiative, the international treaty to combat air piracy and deny hijackers the headlines they seek. Watch Obama's press conference in Kuala Lumpur and learn.

  2. PS: great job on staying so calm, I cant, when I say people acting this stupid on basically every video about this case. Everyone is so gullible and is not even trying to debunk it, they just take everything for facts.

  3. To the guy who said: “it might have been someone from the plane”

    The plane disappearance (Not crash) occurred 4 years ago. The guy who received the message is on the other side of the world and has no correlation to authorities or anyone that could help in any way. He’s a regular teenager. Now, how could exactly this person have survived 4 years AND after the plane vanished or crashed, sending a message to a random person around the world? What are the odds?

    Still, I will not exclude this message might be real; but the theory presented by this guy @jvstinfox AKA Uzumaki, with the black box explanation and all, is 100% incorrect.

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