Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

Did Big Business Suppress Cannabis? The United States government criminalized marijuana in 1937. Pro-hemp campaigners believe there was a massive plot …




  1. they want it illegal so they can make HUGE profits on weed being band.All those cartels have they representatives in politics, I bet it's all connected. Even police agrees that it's lost cause. Few years ago there was a conference in Warsaw, Police from all over the world decided that war with cannabis was pointless ( only one country disagree, Poland). If they want legalisation and more and more people want it then why o why it's not happening?! And here we go back to the top of this message, cycle complited. round and round we go…

  2. why is hemp not pushed to be legalised. it seams as if people are missing the big picture here. why is it that we as a society some how find ways to get stuck in a knot/argument over irellevant matters, sativa n indica do help spiritually and to assist in finding your own personal groundings, away from your otherwise dorment/unconcious perception of reality. but for fuck sake we can all agree that hemp is beneficial for manufacturing goods that can literally rescue our planet and bring the crest back to the equilibrium ha

  3. If marijuana is to remain illegal, than alcohol might as well be made illegal too. The health risks of alcohol abuse are far more concrete and damaging to a persons life (and his peers) than marijuana is.

  4. thanks america for messing up the world with stupid nonsense laws made up by greedy rich white bitches.you ARE the problem you are so desperatly trying to fix in the world cant you fucking see that???? your culture is meaningless empty useless. nobody gets anythin good out of you. you just teach people how to be greedy, snobish and manipulative. YOU are the cancer thats killing the world along with fucking europe. no worries though, immigration is taking care of you just wish you didnt tell somebody on the other side of the globe not to smoke weed. dobt do it in your fucking boring country but why the fuck you telling the whole worlc with cultures 40x older than you what to do motherfucker! who fucking gives you the right to boss others around you fucking pricks!!!!?? i pray every fuxkig night to all the saints combined for your righteous destruction and the end of your garbage english genetics.

  5. The problem with alcohol is that it takes away your inhibitions, the more you have the braver and more aggressive you become, it causes a lot of pain, suffering, death and unwanted pregnancies, weed doesn't have any of those nasty side affects.

  6. All the Republicans go around preaching about "free trade", where's the free trade here? No, Republicans want free trade for the companies that give them money and nobody else. Meanwhile most democrats sit around and don't say shit because they are also paid by the same companies. We need a revolution before our democracy is beyond repair.

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  8. The ironic thing about this debate is that if it was legal way back then, we would now be working to make it illegal. Strange how it could have worked both ways.

  9. Too many ignorant retards in the comment section that think weed is good.
    Guys do you know weed fucks up your short term and long term memory. It Can give you throat or lung cancer? And It's also gonna fuck up your body more than tobacco. People in teens who use this piece of shit substance are more likely to drop out of school. Also PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE ITS A PLANT GROWN FROM MOTHER NATURE DOSENT MEAN ITS SAFE.

  10. I think racism should have been part of the video as well. Granted big business was just as big as a player, but the lies portrayed in Refer Madness about blacks and Hispanics smoking marijuana and harassing whites was another "big issue" that led to it being made illegal.

  11. A lot of people know it's bull, but that's not going to stop the cash flowing into the pockets of those keeping it illegal. And of course there are always going to be those who believe that all mind altering substances should be banned. Really it's up to the people to decide when it comes to some things.

  12. Not to mention a new car shell based around a Hemp recipe, which was unveiled around the time it was banned, seems to be much stronger and lighter than anything we currently have available. Watching this, it seems there is a true conspiracy going on.

  13. it's illegal because you can make so many things out of it that it would put so many businesses out of business they had to make it illegal for big business to thrive

  14. so many things are poisoness that hemp can make that would not be poisoness maybe they need that poison for a killer to kill people for population control

  15. marijuana will not cause cancer it must be cancerous to cause cancer people compare cigarettes to marijuana cigarettes are very cancerous if you smoke bananas you will not get cancer because bananas are not cancerous you must smoke a cancerous causing agent to get cancer

  16. a quarter acre of hemp can create as much paper as one acre of trees would make every grade a paper 5 times better at 1/4 cost putting paper companies out of business that didn't use hemp

  17. There is so much solid evidence about the vital medicinal value to cannabis mainly when you extract C.B.D from it or eat it as oil cures cancer 100% helps epilepsy and other seizure based illnesses and so much more, but the big pharma industry would rather us eat there overpriced dangerous chemicals than a plant which may sound silly to some (mainly the older generation who are very stuck in there ways) but it generally is a miracle plant which needs to be legalized!!!!

  18. I have many friends and family who have suffered from cancer some survive and some don't just to think the government and big pharma are keeping it illegal while many of my loved one's are not able to receive the correct treatment just so they can make cash is really a annoying thought.

  19. Hemp only wants to help ^^ , so please used it wisely and don't abuse it . It can heal body and soul but it can also destroy both 🙂 , I wish you well america

  20. Medical marijuana is great. But recreational use of it dulls your senses, it dumbs you down, one of the reasons why it should be regulated.

  21. Weed is far more powerful then for just getting high. That frankenweed will be sprayed to give you your buzz minus the real benefits 🙁

  22. Durrr.. Why utilize an endless supply of low cost, high-quality paper, and low-risk pain management when we can just keep chopping down all of the rainforests and getting people addicted to synthetic heroin?


    Ahhh, yes. The money.

  23. The system and his lackeys (singers, musicians, actors, etc) promote the use of marijuana. It does not matter if it's illegal because anyway they make you consume. The New World Order isn't a global dictatorship, It's about the degradation of human being and destroy the moral.

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