Why is Dr. Drakken’s Skin Blue? Kim Possible Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 147)

Those of us who watch Kim Possible know the diabolical Dr. Drakken and his quest to dominate the world. But have you ever wondered why his skin looks …




  1. What if drakken was apart of the group shego was I know hego is blue but drakken is different color of blue idk just a idea

  2. If you look at the members of team GO you'll notice they're all drawn with their outlines as their power colors. I would say its not so much of a skin tone as it is an aura.

  3. 5/5! I really like the exposure to silver theory… it makes the most sense to me, plus it gives Drakken a bit more of an edge. Kim Possible is my fave cartoon!

  4. If they were to give a canon explantion, it'd probably be the Silver explanation, except isolated to a single incident. (As implied by the way Draken explains it.)

  5. one of the reasons Drakken's Skin could be blue is because of hypothermia or another reason a cartoon character's skin turns blue, Drakken in the past builds a machine, it fails and it blows up (i'm saying this cause when he meets Mr. Possible, Kim's dad, for the first time in years Mr. Possible actually acted like he knew about Drakken's condition and they were in fact colleagues at some point) causing something that could have been fatal or heavily disfiguring, he's then sent to the hospital with a mixed up mind and damaged body, he recovers for the most part but his skin is turned blue, doctors try to find a way to help him but with no avail, shortly after Drakken goes out and begins staling parts for a machine that he thinks would help him get his natural skin tone back but after awhile of failing and getting thrown into jail by the cops he meets Shego, Shego then convinces his already scatterbrained mind to turn to the side of evil, he becomes a supervillain and gains the new goal to take over the world.

  6. I think the real reason for this is simply to make the villains stand out amongst a cast of pretty normal people.

  7. I would like to point out that Shego, and her brothers/dad, have slight tinges of color in response to the color of the powers. So it's clearly a result of the powers showing them selves through a physical means that isn't only restricted to when they use their powers and instead third skin. (Aka cartoon logic/how my brain works)

  8. blue skin is also a result of inbreeding. of course, it does take generations for this to happen but it has been recorded quite a few times in the middle east. there's a lot of inbreeding there

  9. He probably tried to make himself smarter using a serum and the side effect was blue skin, and it did not do the making him smarter thing. But did make him blue

  10. I thought Drakken was undead as bodies left exposed typically turn a shade of blue, but that doesn't explain how he hasn't rotted then

  11. I love how you are a true fan and are older, around my age and not born in 2000's, not knowing the old disney and how they even had commercials with the Kim Possible voice actors. It warms my heart that you're a fan, I would love to hear your take on the live action movie coming out in February, I am completely against it, because I am biased and ageist. Many fans in their 20's and 30's agree the movie is going to bomb and did no justice to the actual cartoon back in 2002.

  12. I think he might have messed up his DNA with one of his crazy experiments changing the chemistry in his body to produce enough silver to change skin. Which would be why Ron changed as well if the thing that swapped personality did so through altering the wearers brain chemistry making them like the person swapped giving Ron the disorder along with drakkens evil personality

  13. Those of us who watch Kim Possible know the diabolical Dr. Drakken and his quest to dominate the world. But have you ever wondered why his skin looks different from everyone else? Is having blue skin even possible? Channel Frederator is going to dig deep into the mystery of Dr. Drakken's questionable shade of skin with this Cartoon Conspiracy!
    Let us know what you think in the comments! What show should we cover next? And a special shoutout to Mayra Hemmerechts for submitting this conspiracy in the comments!

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