1. Me before watching: Omg how are they slaves? no way lol

    7:56 minutes later

    Me: nooooooooooooo! i luv them and i wish they were in an good music industry!! NOOOOOO
    and i want to be a singer tho i suck (lmao) but now i gotta be careful if i actually wanna be one?? LOLOLLOLOL

  2. and for the next series, please do why corbyn sings so less if you can get info and plz make a theory, im always confused why? or is this also Atlantic Record's fault??? ):<

  3. Why don't we wanted to make music and Daniel is not gay and they are not slaves well slaves are not a thing any more so please just stop it all ready just stop and they love what they are Doing I know that I am going to be a singer soon and I do not want fact info the go out there for me I know that they want same thing that I want and all you are doings is wanting more video with a lot of fact info in them and all that does is lead to hate ok please like if you agree with me

  4. My dad works for Atlantic, I can personally tell you that all artists are slaves to their label. Not literally, but labels control almost every aspect of an artists music. That's why some bigger artists create their own labels, so they can make their own rules for themselves.

  5. In every like interview I watch of the boys whenever they say something that may be controversial or something they maybe aren't allowed to say some if not all of the boys look over to the side at someone and I'm pretty sure it may be a part of their management or someone hired to watch over them and the things they say, all musical artist have these people watching them.

  6. Hi i love this video. Ive seen shanes video and i think its fuked up that people do this. Like once i heard cardi is getting treaded horribly im like you better treat my boys with respect and make them work less because they never get to see their families anymore and they just got off tour and their starting AGAIN SOON like everyone overworks artists who want to do their best.

  7. It’s so sad, boy bands are so overworked when they’re active. No wonder they never last long. Imagine having to travel to all these different places so close to each other.

  8. i know for sure they are good and they are smart so they wouldnt be slaves and they have David? Dave idk i always thought his name was David and he knows what hes doing so they are good… for now

  9. If my boys are gonna be slaves, then PLZ don't let them fall for atlantic records trap. I'm very scared for my boys!!!

  10. Wow I know I never see yt videos early but I think the guys will be okay because they are taking a break for the next month and they are also going on a snowboarding trip after Christmas

  11. I feel so bad for my babies we need to stop working them they're young gentlemen who need rest too they're humans just like us they need sleep and to relax this absolutely disgusts me "if what you're saying is true" then we all need to help the boys. ❤❤❤

  12. Thank you to @sunny_whydontwii on Instagram for making that wonderful intro for me using hate comments from my first conspiracy video! It’s truly iconic. Also, don’t attack me, but feel free to discuss in the comments

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