Why Do We Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

Here’s the weird reason why some people believe in conspiracy theories. Plus the secrets behind the moon landing and 9/11. SUBSCRIBE – New Vids Every …




  1. That 9/11 thing. I realized decades ago that the government cannot find it's own butt with both hands and is slave to lobbyists (political donors). I remember 9/11. I saw the planes hit the buildings on the news. I thought, no big deal, no building ever fell from an airplane collision before and the flaming plume from each plane shows just about all of the fuel flashed out. Besides, the smoke from the structures is cool-down fires. I was on break at work when the story, for some reason, was still on the news. I thought "So what? They had planes crash into them, that's why they are still on fire." Then, while watching the live news coverage, I saw flashes and heard explosions and saw the towers fall in a way only demolished towers fall. I called up an online gamer friend from the UK, was chatting with him about it. He told me about another trade center building that fell, it didn't fall. We were chatting about 15 or so minutes and I saw the live coverage of that building falling in a similar manner. I told him "Looks like money is trying to give the retard (G.W.Bush) Pearl Harbor support, no way anyone is buying this. Corruption here just took a hit."
    I was wrong, I had too much faith in our nation. Apparently Clinton's blowjob was still so big of a deal that the puppet masters that installed Dubya made everyone run like frightened little kids to the government mommy's skirt. I'm not into the tinfoil hat league, but the only difference between a conspiracy and an alliance is the secrecy. Conspiracies happen more than alliances, what makes conspiracy theory people crackpots is that they think they have the superhuman ability to crack the code of the people involved whose primary goal is to keep their evil plan secret. If the guy is a loner who thinks he knows everything, nut job. If the guy is part of a fact driven think tank, investigator.

  2. The funny thing is you don't mention that often conspiracy theorists do lots of historical research and also know a lot of things regarding our laws, rights and constitutions. All of which are being stripped from us by the day.

  3. This video is well done and I agree there are a lot of bad Conspiracy Theories BUT all you have to do is type "CNN Lies" "Foxnews lies" into google to see video footage and photography that shows hundreds of news stories that are faked. With all the lying by Media how do you expect people to believe anything? Even history classes selectivity choose to facts to shape the narrative they want.

  4. Why is the government lying more interesting than humanity literally creating technology advanced and strong enough to escape our atmosphere that has till then kept everything underneath it and reach the eternity of space to land on a small rock moving extremely fast and also photographing it for the pictures to reach back to earth before the people did that too again??

  5. I believe the American government found about the 9/11 plot before it happened and decided not to prevent it, instead, they helped it along by blowing up the buildings as well as telling people not to leave their desks in the second building. I think the terrorists still carried out the plane hijacking because they've taken credit for it, but the government helped it along to have an excuse to declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan, so they can snoop around for 'weapons of mass destruction'.

  6. He got hit on the head, has one video where he shows conspiracy therories that turned out to be true. And another where he explains why conspiracy theories are stories. Haha. Even evidence on 9/11. Sure man, thought you were smart until I saw this…

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