Why Conspiracy Theories Can Be Problematic

Conspiracy Theories are totally on trend right now. But this trend that started off so seriously and is so entertaining now bears some dangers. Because starting a …




  1. I don't really believe in conspiracy theories but my favorite one I've heard is every time we fall asleep and wake up we're in a slightly different timeline where everything is shifted slightly

  2. “Ok so the most important part of a fake conspiracy theory is that it can’t be proven wrong that easily”


  3. I actually have a video where I make fun of conspiracy theories. Kind of. It's a joke video, that supposed to be a cooking show; but the host turned up under the influence of substances. I dont need a shout out, but would you please watch a few of my videos and tell me what you thought? I really respect your opinion.

    This is my conspiracy/cooking show video: https://youtu.be/FQoX9R64n_8

    Here's a video where I get in touch with my feminine side and fix politics: https://youtu.be/wUpLNtfyrhI

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