Why conspiracy theories are rational to believe

Cass Sunstein describes how conspiracy theories work and how they explain the current disagreements between political parties. Subscribe to our channel!




  1. I personally believe Bush new that Bin Laden was planning an attack and did nothing as an excuse to invade countries in the middle east, I think everyone believes in at least one conspiracy theory.

  2. Conspiracy theories and Democracy are /not/ compatible. Democracy assumes good-faith on your fellow citizens and yet conspiracy undermine that very good-faith.

  3. careful with this people. They are conspirators themselves. The guy on the left is jewish and gets paid to support Hillary. The guy on the right is part of the pseudoskepicism lobby

  4. Idiocracy…its sad to see people so brainwashed and played by illuminati puppets. Brawndo doesnt make plants grow even if this guy tells you it does. Wake up

  5. Jews run the media. The Holocaust is massively exaggerated. There is absolutely no evidence of gas chambers and the crematoriums at concentration camps were much too inefficient to cremate even a tenth of the deaths claimed.

  6. We believe in conspiracies because we believe in abstract things in general.  If you think back to even a couple hundred years ago, almost everything we thought was somehow related to what could be seen.  For instance, you were a farmer or rancher, and you knew about the crops and animals you raised.  If you hooked a cart up to a horse, you saw how the cart operated.  All of this could be seen.  If you spoke to someone, you either did so in person or you wrote a letter and some other person physically transported that letter to that other person.  The receiver would recognize your handwriting and know it was from you.  Countries had kings or queens.  You weren't asked to submit pieces of paper with your choice of ruler written on it and expect perfect strangers to tally the results and report them accurately, even though neither you nor anyone you know personally and trust would be watching them while they were counting.  Religion was the only place where abstract thinking was commonplace.  However, if you go even further back to Roman times and before, Religion was less abstract.  The Romans worshipped a deity whose existence was evidenced by lightning.

    Yet, you sit here firmly believing that this comment was written by some stranger hundreds or thousands of miles away whom you will never see or know personally.  You believe that the computer you are using works by science and not by magic.  You believe that what you see when you stare at the screen is an accurate depiction of reality and not something a mini goblin within the computer made up itself.  If you get sick with a cold, you believe the cause was an invisible little particle that flew up your nose about a week ago.  You don't believe you have a cold because you were physically cold some time recently.

    So, yeah, you also believe in conspiracy theories.

  7. I get it! Conspiracies are just a myth! right? They dont exist. How can u believe People in Power would conspire to do evil? Thats unheard of.

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