WHO IS LYING?! Hacker Hysteria, Conspiracy Theories, and Classified Secrets

Got A LOT to talk about today, stick with me and let’s do this… JOIN THE ADVENTURE: http://DeFrancoElite.com What did I just walk into…




  1. So… cool story… right before going to work I opened up this video but had to rush out as soon as I clicked.
    When I get to work and open my computer, I forget I have the volume on 1000, and then it comes "HELLO, YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS"…. haha good way to start a week right next to coworkers/boss

  2. About the "Pirates of the Caribbean" thing.. idk. Will it really affect their sales and shit that much? Most of the ppl who pirate it will prolly b ppl that pirate most things anyway.. right? About Seth Rich.. that man was murdered. That n itself is a tragedy. Idk who to believe. They ALL lie. Whether it b media or politicians, they all lie. So it's hard to tell who is giving us the truth, or if anyone even is giving us the truth. The media has got themselves into a bit of a situation. Aside from their lies, they take every little thing Trump does and turn it into a HUGE thing. So when and if (Bc tbh we don't know) he really does something wrong, no one will listen except the ones who WANT to believe he did something. Everyone else will b tired of this never ending cycle of crying. It's like the boy who cried wolf. But when it comes to the Seth Rich situation, something is up. It just seems fishy to me.. hopefully the family will get some sort of closure on it tho.

  3. Actually Seth Rich story was known before Trump was even elected. Seth Rich was murdered in July 2016. It was immediately suspicious. I remember when it happened. The Trump Russia story started after the election once Trump was elected.

  4. the people need to take to the streets like gta. how you always start with barehands but about an hour later you're at least expected to own an uzi and you'll have a 9mm and a shotgun from a squad car Hillary needs a Jimmy Hendricks ham samich ASAP

  5. Hey Phil, the audio in this video needs a faster release on the compressor settings. You can hear the compressor "breathe" a little. You could also use a de-esser to pull a little sibilance out of it when you're running more compression. Shoot me a DM if you want more ideas, I got them in spades.

  6. washingtom post the same place Podesta went to work for after being the hitman for Clintons. He took the place of that Clinton lawyer found in the park with 2 bullets to the head, ruled a suicide?

  7. McKayla is of legal age, sharing things she wants to share, and she's gorgeous as hell. Seriously, that is a killer body that she knows how to move. Who the hell can hate on her for that? Or do they just want to suck all of the joy out of this already bleak world we live in?

  8. Every time I hear about Trump and the media and all the bickering I just throw my head back and groan. It's like watching children squabble over a toy at the playground. (I also didn't support either candidate in the election btw).

  9. I'm a bit torn on the McKayla issue. I do think a woman should be allowed to do what she wants with her body. But I do feel a bit sad about the continued importance media places on a "sexy body" and being physically beautiful. When a role model for young kids keep it going… I don't know… I'd prefer if she was showing her body off while also showing everyone how much work she puts into being in amazing shape.

  10. is there a way to completely skip all Trump stories. fucking hell Obama wasn't covered in the news this much. I'm sick of the man

  11. mckaylay is freaking gorgeous, why do so many people have a stick up their ass??? Some people promote body confidence then when there are people who are confident in their body and want to share it with the world they say "OMG cover up slut you are such a disgrace, you should set a better example!"
    IS it hurting you??? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP

  12. It's odd how the family of Seth Rich is concerned about his son's death being politicized but did not have a comment when Hillary Clinton literally came out DAYS after the death of Seth Rich to promote gun control and gun ban legislation. This is the duplicity in the media that Americans are so sick and tired. It's partly the reason we have somebody like Trump as our president because the mainstream media refused to put Clinton under the same scrutiny they did to Trump despite poll after poll showing she was as equally controversial as her opponent. Why is it okay for democrats to politicize other people's deaths but the minute republicans, independents, etc want to do so to bring attention to their cause, even if it's laudable, the general population is admonished to shut those people down!?

  13. You said you were going to expand upon both the "Seth Rich is a new story to distract from the Russia story" theory and the "Seth Rich is a leaker" theory, but you only expanded upon the Russia part. I think you got distracted.

    The spokesman for the family is ALSO paid by a 3rd Party… the DNC. He is a DNC crisis consultant. I'd love to see another Seth Rich video and The_Donald would happily give you more info if you are so inclined.

    Anyway, love your unbiased approach!

  14. 3:42 ik this has nothing to do with this video but it's my responsibility as a trash can to make this reference


    Okay thanks

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