Who is Alex Jones? Conspiracy Theorist & Host of Infowars | NowThis

Here’s how Alex Jones managed to call Sandy Hook a hoax, claim that Obama and Hillary are demons, and also play an instrumental role in electing the 45th …




  1. Alex Jones is an amazing man. The media slanders him and uses all of the clips out of context to make him look bad. Don’t believe anything from NowThis, they will do anything to try and get you to be on their side. Be a free thinker and think for yourself. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are the good guys.

  2. I love it. You have to admit something is up with these school shootings. Enough that it needs to be questioned. Too many character actors all ready in town from the last shooting if you as me and that is the bottom line. One more thing I found weird was the schools, parents, everybody was behind this david hogg kid the last time only to have that kid tell on national TV three different narratives as to where he was at the time. In the end he settled for being at home because he was suspended and riding his bike to school when he saw it on TV. I writing as I listened to this. You have to remember Alex was the one that told people two months before the towers went down. He said, "don't go to work in the trade centers even if it means your job because bush was going to help blow them up." Some people listened and some did not. One thing for sure is thats what got him the fans he has. I don't like his volume and all but you have to give him credit where its due.

  3. Jones is a really really smart guy with a super hyperactive brain and a crazy imagination. He takes a story an blows it way out of proportion. He has mental issues. He believes in what he says. But sometimes some of the things he says are true cause he reads everything. He’s probably a super good reader. Also, he is not friends with Trump. More like Trump used him to get votes from his audience. Also, he’s being censored. That’s not free speech. And it feeds into his theories. Jones played a big part in crafting America because a good percentage follow him. We need to fix that percent instead of focusing on one guy. Duh!!!

  4. It’s funny that you guys think he’s serious. It’s got comedic purposes. I swear you libtards don’t know how to have fun

  5. Lol He had nothing to do with Trump getting elected. Funny how off base people have gotten on why he was elected. Willing to put fingers at everyone but not looking in the mirror.

  6. This is rich, this channel believes in all sorts of Russian-Trump conspiracies. You guys should not be the ones to point out others as conspiracy theorists LMAO

  7. Alex is Awesome 😎
    Love getting different ideas not like one sided liberals that don’t know how to think for themselves

  8. Him and this so-called(heh) "White genocide" nonsense. Lol, low birth rates is NOT genocide. Now if there was a systematic round up of White people, lining them up against a wall and SHOOTING them, THAT is GENOCIDE.

  9. Every time I eat chili I forget how old my kids are?! Nothing odd about that whatsoever! Where's the ban on chili? Apparently it's FAR worse than marijuana!

  10. Yes his lawyer said he's playing a character and you knowingly leave out the fact that after that happened Jones said in court that that was not true and he was genuine in his beliefs and how he is on his show.

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