When SPIRIT Uses FEATHERS To Communicate – Illuminati Card Game?

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  1. Back a few years ago when my kids and I first moved onto my mamas farm my youngest son was collecting feathers from the chicken room. He has some anxiety and he had a tough time adjusting. We kept all his feathers and put them in a huge vase on his dresser. It is beautiful!! He adjusted over the 1st few months and now we couldn't imagine living anywhere else! That vase full of feathers is still in my room 3 years later.

  2. I thought I’d give it a try so I asked for a feather while I was out this afternoon………within 5 minutes a small white feather blew over my shoulder, in front of my face and then rested down in front of me! Spooky.

  3. Feathers appeared in the hallway at my place of work, we all had no idea where they came from. We looked outside to see if there was a dead bird around or any feathers around the building but nothing was found. Days later I went to our technology department (a building across toen) and as soon as I walked in I noticed a feather alone the wall. I thought it was very odd, I didnt think much of it. Weeks later a job opening came up at the tech department, which was a job i was very interested in, I applied and got the job. Now I feel that the feathers were a sign for me to apply when the job came open! Thank you for sharing with the world! Blessings and love to you and your family.

  4. My God, the Allfather, uses signs such as birds and clouds to show the way. His son uses lightning and storms to show us the way. I wear his hammer around my neck. Praise be, but remember that we are free to choose our own will.

    Some things are so funny, how they coincide with your needs or wants. Just the other day I walked downstairs from work and thought "hm I want to go to the local organic supermarket, but I have no bag". I only walked outside and a bag came flying to my feet. Thank you Thor!

  5. John i had a seagull drop a dead bird out of its mouth it nearly hit me then I had a white feather drop in front of me I think someone's trying to tell me something because they knew I wouldn't take much notice from a feather so try a whole dead bird it freaked me out enough to search online if it meant anything from what I can gather its new beginnings

  6. Sometimes it’s the whole bird. An indigo bunting showed up one morning for breakfast. Indigo blue with a purple crown. The communication with the universe was verification I was on the right path. One came the next morning with his mate and young one. A week later several painted buntings showed up for breakfast. You must first seek the spiritual path in order to see and hear the confirmations of the force, from the source.

  7. My Mum gets feathers all the time too… since her second husband passed away a few years ago. They comfort her greatly. She sponsors a young man from your organization as well ! When I first told her about you, she watched some of your videos… and it was because of your feather stories that she felt connected to you and your mission and began sponsoring a young man through your organization! 🙂

  8. This video spoke to me so much I cried. I always get feathers & constantly seeing 1s and 2s and 5s. But the Feathers part hit very deep for me. I didn't look at it that way before. Wow. THANK YOU 🙏. This was more then a educational video to me, this seriously spoke to my soul.

  9. I wanted to share with you what happened earlier today . I was out on my walk on a cold winter's day here in Canada, when I started reflecting on this very video. As I was reflecting on how God has presented himself in my own life and reflecting on your message, a small white feather flew in my direction. A little wink from God. 😉 It is very true, when you are in the present and have eyes to see, God and his angels will communicate with you, letting you know that they are always with you. Blessings. <3 🙂

  10. I watched this video yesterday and I asked for the feather sign for the next day because it was night.
    So today I walked out of the back door and see about 4 – 5 white feathers bunched up together. They were a bit dirty and worn out because of the rain, but they're FEATHERS!!! I asked for these YESTERDAY!!!
    Thanks for the heads up John.

    Actually it's only one long feather after picking it up and washing it.

  11. I love this John, Im DrgnflyAngel
    So its Dragonflies & Angels (with feathers🕊🕊🕊) for me. I saw one of of my Guardian Angels in semi physical form at 11 yrs of age.
    So I'm looking for a feather too!!

  12. after watching this video last night, When I went to bed, i flipped my bedding to straighten the sheets and a white feather popped up right in front of me. I had to laugh. I pictured a grey feather in my head because grey is my favorite color and this morning, a grey feather fell off the bed. Yes I have feather pillows but they are double cased and I have never seen a loose feather from them.

  13. i went to my AA mtg and it was crowded. i went into adjoining smaller room where a 4 yr old little girl was coloring with book and had 20 feathers of almost every color. i sat down, felt compelled to just spend a little time coloring and chatting with her.

  14. Omg John I found a feather today on the floor. After having a conversation with God all morning as I Drove reminding him that I know through all my struggling presently going I know he did not called me all the way from Miami Florida to Houston Texas for such circumstances. So after all this conversation and affirmations I stopped at the supermarket where I usually go to and as I go in shop what I needed and in my way out, Lord and behold a feather on the floor just before the exit door. I immediately thought of this video and wish to say THANK YOU For Now I know what this Feather greatly means. He's comforting me he's saying I'm here with you. His angels are guiding me and protecting me. And I feel so much better. I don't have much money or food but I do know God has confirmed his great plan he has for me, for his Glory today with this feather. So awesome.!!!! God bless you always John

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