What Should REALLY Surprise You About the Lauer Scandal!

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  1. dumbass the question is why is all this coming now somebody is pulling these strings and white motherfuckers make all the rules and then break all the rules white men and morals don't belong in the same fucking sentence unless it ends with they have no morals!

  2. They willingly believe and trust in all of that scum presented on a dark mirror/screen…

    And yet still won't heed, have faith in, nor believe, any of the words of warning… (about these dire and most dangerous times)….inspired and written by wise and very Holy men, that were sent to us… from HOLY GOD…

    …Indeed, all the truthful warnings, that's found in The Holy Bible….

  3. That's One Big Bed At The Network And They All Get In It you can not Investagate your Self that's like telling everyone I'm a nice Guy It's Up to everyone to tell you you're a Nice Guy Wake the Fuck Up These People are Pure Evil

  4. This will not be the last story that breaks. There are many more to come. This whole unmasking sexual abuse and harassment offenders is just getting started. Very little shocks me anymore

  5. Hollywood, T.V. and the Music industry are all based and entirely focused on sex and sex appeal…!! Porn is readily available everywhere….!! This is what governs America…!! And who is its Governor…? Satan..!!

  6. In the USA any man who looks or touch a women will be in trouble because the laws protect woman . I'm not saying he is innocent nor guilty I'm just saying women rule Men drool These laws are ridiculous, Femanism has ruined our country.


  8. Well this is just a conformation that Trump was being honest, you literally can just grab em by the pussy…….as long as your rich and famous.

  9. @HiImpFlix — Sorry, but f*ck ''turning off'' your T(ranquilization)V(ehicle)s. The people need to take them all up on their rooftops and THROW THEM OFF. Or, line 'em up in the alley and have your neighbor with the wannabe-monster truck run over them. REPEATEDLY. In other words, get mad, get creative, and RID YOURSELF of this most evil of all monkeys on your backs. Thanks for the use of your soapbox, sir. Keep up the Good Work.

  10. They're all scum. Next we'll see transgender dudes suing for sexual harassment at the workplace , while female employees complain that they still don't get paid as much as the men that identify as women. There will be know end to this. I'm going to start identifying as a Dr. Scholls gel insert that's trapped inside of a Neapolitan Ice cream Sandwich. It's my right as an American. I knew from a very young age that I was different from other boys, once I got older I realized that it wasn't my fault, I was born a Dr. Scholls gel insert trapped inside of a Neapolitan Ice cream Sandwich trapped inside of a boy. FUCK LACTATIA!

  11. I can't believe those two bitches said they were sorry to hear about Matt! WTF, if I was on the show, I would be pissed! Saying, lock that piece of shit up! He's disgusting! Glad he isn't going to get away with that shit!

  12. Only fired him because they dodnt want the finger at them with the sex scandles going arounf nbc would be destroied if the finger went to them

  13. This is all being done on purpose to hide and direct the attention away from the mass paedophile rings everywhere.

  14. Should we believe every woman Just because there a woman?? Because women can lie to,and sometimes at the control of someone else! You can go to jail for allegation only. That’s not cool! Look at that side of it!!

  15. Don't you find it convenient that Matt Laurer had accusations thrown at him for sexual misconduct almost immediately after he interviews Corey Feldman? Corey is working to expose pedophilia rings, so the fact the MSM has decided to ignore him and focus only on the sexual misconduct against grown women is very telling. It's almost as if the MSM is using the multitude of sexual accusations that have been popping up from everywhere as a smoke screen to shield the public from out the true problems in our society.
    Furthermore, I would love to know what the agendas/political views of these accused politicians may be. This very well could be a conspiracy to take out the undesirable influences in government and the corporate world. Think about it… And keep up the good work!

  16. 3:52 No, you're wrong, power and fame do not corrupt people, they just unmask people. That's why Lincoln said: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

  17. What about Hillary when she lied about being shot upon and under gun fire where they had to Run when in fact children were handing out flowers

  18. Morally bankrupt? I don't think they had any intrinsic value to begin with.
    Matt Lauer and company got hired because they found themselves being the perfect whores for the house.

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