What REALLY Happened To Amelia Earhart? Conspiracy Theories

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  1. I love her videos so much. I literally cannot handle that she never looks up how to pronounce anything. Not only is it annoying to hear "yada yada, I think I'm saying that right." But when dealing with serious cases like these I find it semi disrespectful.

  2. I am actually a relative of Amelia Earhart! When I have told people I was her cousin in the past, they rarely knew who she was. It's great to see she hasn't been forgotten.

  3. Even if you found her bones you can't find them in the dirt decayed because bones decayed so mostly why spend time on that when you could just put a tracker that is water proof and just find her get a diver and just find the plane

  4. I feel like someone did this on purpose because they weren't happy with the attention she got and I know a lot of people weren't okay with a woman completing this and sabotaged the plane in minor ways but enough so she couldn't do it and it resulted in her dying. Idk where she landed but I do believe that she died on that trip

  5. i don't get it…I know I liked this video and several others of yours….but when i look and watch it again…..it's not liked!…a glitch maybe? but it has been happening awhile now. anyone else?

  6. I think it's likely that she ran out of fuel and sadly either crashed into the ocean, or landed someplace with unfriendly people who killed her. There was kind of a hokey Star Trek Voyager episode about her back in the 90s wherein the Voyager crew stumbled upon Amelia Earhart in an alien stasis chamber, woke her up, and she told the crew she had been abducted by aliens. LOL

  7. I was watching the news a few months back and they actually have pictures of what looks like Ameilia and her co-pilot sitting on the ground and it was on an island in Japan and they had looked as if they were imprisoned. And they showed another picture of someone who again, looked like Ameilia who was in a jail cell and look very sick and people now think she died of sickness, or they poisoned her. Maybe the place was in North Korea I don't remember the exact report but something along those lines

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  9. I think she didn't crash in the ocean. She was clearly smart enough to figure out another way and she had a navigator with her who was likely top notch. Meaning he knew how far out he was in the ocean until they were to reach another location. Idk the island one seems pretty reasonable, but the Japanese were pretty intense people. I wouldn't be surprised if they put some of her items on the other island to make it look like they had nothing to do with it. That briefcase thing is hard evidence.

  10. I love this story and Amelia. I've studied over all the theories about this incident. Try looking into this one….
    Amelia landed on an island she sent out distress signals, a girl was listening to the radio and she always wrote down what was said over the radio. To her it sounded like "new York" but Amelia was saying the name of the location she was at that sounded like new York. This girl heard Amelia for a couple of hours until she and the man died. Amelia got lost and some say its due to the cooridinance not matching up with her map. Which leads us to the flat earth theory. Research it. You won't be disappointed

  11. What I honestly think happened is that she landed on Gardener island that and the Japanese found her and took her hostage and killed her. She did leave thinks on the island like that jar in a struggle and it broke. Also some soldiers the ones that found her were distroying her plane but their supervisor recognized her and ordered them to stop and bring it back with them.
    Just my idea of what happened❤️

  12. You pronounced Saipan right! It’s a huge legend there on Guam and the Mariana’s island. (I was born on Guam and lived there for a bit) I personally believe that she crashed and ended up on an island- dead or alive idk, and her body was eaten by coconut crabs

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