What Is The Rothschild Conspiracy?

SUBSCRIBE; http://bit.ly/2auD460 What if a NUKE hit NYC?; http://bit.ly/2kbrg0B Many believe that there are secret societies that rule this planet and control …




  1. do some research they had 9/11 created planned and executed it now they want North Korea and they will get it unless humanity stops these phyco's

  2. This interesting and all but you haven't mentioned where you got your information. Its sound like interesting made up bullshit. For example how does everyone know what countries they own? All videos talk about this but theres no evidence for this anywhere I have looked

  3. the Rothschilds are worth over 500TRILLION$ and funded the Nazis also. they own basically the whole world and have controled the world for a long time

  4. What is happening right now North Korea they want to attack it because is the only country that is not control by the Rothschilds family.

  5. Been researching them for about two years now. Don't forget about the other elites such as Rockefellers . Doris Busch's so on. Horrible people

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