Were The Moon Landings Faked?

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  1. Lol reading some of the replys and its funny. They didn't go to the moon. At least not on a rocket that turns parallel to the earths surface as it launches. If you had half a mind the rocket would head straight up into space not level off parallel to the earths surface.fact. and i have watched the launch from Florida…..

  2. All fake no one went to the moon we can't get out of the dome that God made so what is NASA doing with our money they should give us back our money back this is bull shit and Trump is giving NASA more more money wow fuck NASA is killing us

  3. Dear admin of all time conspiracies please Answer me few things.
    1. These radiations are there in space then how man is now planning to go to Mars ? Mars is far far away . If man didn't land on moon how he can go to Mars?
    2: NASA just mentioned two days back that debris on moon surface have reached a Terrible level? What does that mean and how that's happening?

  4. Just watch 'A Space Odyssey: 2001' by Kubrick from 1968. He faked it so well on a budget, imagine what he or someone with his skills could do with unlimited funding.

  5. President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. I believe the "space race" was an attempt to divert the huge amounts of money being spent on defense contractors to a more peaceful mission. Later when they figured out it it was not possible they faked it. All the Moon landings took place during Richard Nixon's Presidency. None before and none since. And Nixon was a crook.

  6. Men may have gone to the moon but because of space time relativity we don't know if they came back. Since they were traveling very fast time went slower for them than for the earth and the people on the earth. If they did come back they came back in our past. Since we can't actually see into the past we can't know if they came back. And since they would not be able to see into the future or communicate with people in the future (us) they can't send us a message telling us that they came back.

  7. I do not know for sure if the moon landings were fake or not , but the still pictures supposedly brought back from the Apollo 11 mission were, they were to good by miles for the equipment used, perfectly framed exposure and focus etc etc all perfect and taken on a film camera strapped to the chest with no viewfinder, photographers out there will know what I mean, looking at the style Id say they had Kubrick written all over them.

  8. We will see when we get a country gets a chance to land on the moon maybe its fake maybe it's real not 100 percent sure

  9. If NASA wanted to fake the moon landings in a studio, I think they would've taken the time to at least paint some stars in the background.

  10. Definitely fake. NASA doesn't know how to get to the moon? But, don't worry, China and Russia will be signing the deal to send men to the moon for real. NASA does not know how to go to the moon. China has plenty of experience for softlanding.

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