We Need To Talk About The Disgusting David Hogg Conspiracy Theories And More…

Let’s just focus on that facts, shall we? I know I’m going to probably lose some subs today, but considering what we’re diving into… I honestly don’t care. Thanks …




  1. Waah waah waah the kid smirks when he talked about victims right after the incident and you wonder why people question? Phillip thats the problem with your show you seem to try to be the devils advocate but in all the wrong ways to deny something outright means you didnt do your do diligence in research on said issue….I laugh …omg its like so suprising people dont like a little entitled force fed brat davido hogwash…..the stupid kid wants to be in the limelight thats what happens if its too hot get out the kitchen they want to use children as political tokens well dont be sulrised when it gets thrown right back in their face….he wants to be an sjw activist who knows it all but bares nothing no solutions that have ever worked ….its so intellectually lacking an argument when a person with a gun shot a shooter dead recently with a PISTOL that would be BANNED under stupid freedom takers useless agenda proven to not work how about be objective like the other victim who no one talks about who actually gets FACTS to present instead of crying all over ones self like ya all got sand in your panties and if people question these accounts of what happened its because the dad was laughing guy ….the victims laughing right after so excuuuuse anyone for questioning what we are spoon fed I mean by God people when Did we lose our right to free thought? Its just mentally lacking all these arguments anymore…


  3. How did that gunman miss david hogg? That huge head must have been a hard target to miss. Oh yeah, he missed because the event was staged, nobody got shot. Except those damn bunnies. They're getting taken down at record pace.

  4. Im just wondering if you really believe david hogg had ridden his bike 3 miles and somehow showed up at the school befor any first responders? Sorry for all the losses but David Hogg is bought and paid for. I believe ofcourse this tragic event happened. That being said. David Hogg is full of shit

  5. Jesus, why do all these politician / lawyer bullies look always like they can't write down even their own names without consulting a secretary… Guess that explains why they say so much bullshit.

    Also, when it comes to the second amendment. I know I will get a lot of hate for this, but why are people judging if somebody is against them? Is it so weird to imagine that some people don't think it is a good idea to let people buy guns, even if they are evaluated, and have no criminal background? It is a valid opinion and it is their right to think so. Even if the owner is genuine, it is still a gun, that can ANY time be seized and used for something else. If I were a criminal in the US, would I stop because oh geez they didn't give me guns because I am nuts… no I wouldn't. I would know that any home I wanna rob or break into, 95% chance I find a loaded gun. I don't live in the US though, so I cannot even imagine how this need comes to place, but I can tell, if I knew my neighbour has a gun I would freak the hell out, I couldn't even imagine why they need one.

  6. Philip didn't do his due-diligence on David Hogg. The kid has two different types of stories of the first 10 mins of the shooting. One story he is at home and the other story he is at school in a science class. David Hogg is a fake activist. Philip, DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you make a youtube rant.

  7. RIP to the brave students and staff at Parkland School. The American government doesn’t deserve such honourable and brave citizens!! I’m in tears over those brave youth who sacrificed themselves for their peers. They could run the country better than any of these SORRY, PATHETIC GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS!! RIP once again! 😢😢😡

  8. Thank you for being even-handed. It is easy to go extremely one way or another. I just found your page via this YouTube video, and have now subscribed. Looking forward to checking out your other content

  9. "How dare you people question the media. Its not like our government n media have ever conspired false flag operations to accomplish their hidden agenda". This guys arrogance is astonishing

  10. David Hogg is Adam lazna, they used the same crisis actor, Rob O'Neil fake navy seal is Dylan klebone from fake coloubine school shooter!

  11. Don't bother leaving an "unsubscribe" comment. If you're spreading conspiracy theories and mocking or shaming victims and survivors of a school shooting, I don't think you're in the right place anyways.

    Shoutout to the rest of you Beautiful Bastards for your continued support. <3

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