1. Your videos are the ABSOLUTE best. Most informative and so well presented. I have always hated clowns, especially since I saw an evil clown apparition in my window when I was about nine years old. I have never forgotten it. Thanks for this video and take care!

  2. clowns on cemeterys they represent saturn for we are trapped here in time and space and were all gonna die! btw sin easily just mean sine like a sine wave time! its all about that saturn thing i think the others are doing it because they see it in tv!

  3. Since these clown really only appear in the leading months to Halloween, I'm pretty sure they're just people tryna get a good laugh. But then there's that one jackass that takes it too far.

  4. i have not see any clowns where i live lol and i'm in the hood of NJ i guess there scared of bullets crack heads and prostitutes not to say all this but if i seen a clown i'd make it like scary movie wanna plaY lol you know where i'm going with this if you seen the movie lol lets go clowns i'm trynna have fun with you ctfu

  5. yeah I wish I ran into a clown in NY……turn the tables and follow them until they start running, chase them down and beat the paint off them so I can see the true bitch they really are……and if it's a female clown I'll use my Trump card and grab them by the p****y, stick my tongue in their mouths, let them know who's boss!

  6. lol the situation with clowns around Halloween that HAPPENS EVERY YEAR always makes me laugh.

    "Clowns are psychos and I'll kill them"

    – The non-psycho murderers

  7. circling kids on a bicycle in a clown suit, after scaring another group of ppl with it… what. why in the world? I know people that if not stopped, would probably attack him right then and there.

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