Was This Man A Time Traveler?

In 2003, Andrew Carlssin was arrested under the suspicion of insider trading after turning $800 into over $350 million in just two weeks. When asked how he did it, his response was that he…




  1. I know this guy, he live a few blocks from me, he's always chatting shit, i dont see how he have anything to do with time traveler, ill stop him next time i see him and ask him about this crap. What aload of crap.

  2. Oh mg these keep coming up in my suggested …. I don’t believe in time traveling YouTube stop suggesting it !!!! Just because I watch shit about the jfk assassination doesn’t mean I’m a fucking lunatic that believes in time travel .

  3. A mystery man cannot pay a bail of a million dollars the only person who could would be the FBI my theory is the FBI needed the 385 million dollars for something the public doesn't know then they pinned it on Andrew and since the FBI knows things we don't they had inside information on the stocks and it was easy to put money into the right things. Anyways fbi "mysteriously" pays his bail kill Andrew and then come up with this story because people will believe it and they get away with the money

  4. wow so you expect me to think he goes ya ill tell you where that cia asset tim osman is then ill give you the cure for the aids virus you created 🙂 yup sounds about right… like they dont have the cure already… wait maybe he has the solution to oil aswell. the breakaway civilization will just have to hide underground maybe they wont like that. 👍

  5. location is in the object.. change the locational frequency of the oject and it has no choice but to move and this is how teleportation is possible. time is infinite parallel reaitys shifting billions of time per second. greys are mutated humans from a parallel earth .. there is no one earth.

  6. even i can do this, its easy. see guys if u know about the
    i am sure if you understand, this secret, you can travel over time,
    allright if you dont know about this, Find a Sikh (religion) Gentleman and ask him about that secret.
    many Sikh people try this and can travel everywhere.

  7. This guys an idiot he doesn't except all consequences of atoms in flux. ANY TYPE OF ATOM. Atoms can do anything they have a porpoise to. Dirt is controlled, and light is free. But it doesn't mean the dirt deserves it. If you have any intelligence then you could to simulate if you the brain power. There is too much to explain. You can't understand it.

  8. That article is from Weekly World News, which is (was) a “"for entertainment pursposes only” newspaper.

  9. this theory would suggest that truck drivers, race car drivers and jet pilots all age slower than us here on the ground. technically speaking they are traveling closer to the speed of light than us stationary people that don't drive or fly all day long. sure it's miniscule but it doesn't change the fact that they are traveling faster and on a daily basis yet there is no proof they live any longer… Einstein is full of shit as Tesla would say…

  10. It's funny…this mandella effect..It never reroutes a million dollars into my bank account nor does it get rid of my student loans..lol

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