Walmart Closing Conspiracy Theory

Dawn Muskovin, of Blythewood, expresses her concern that the closing of the Winnsboro Walmart is connected to the Jade Helm domestic military exercises.




  1. RELAX. Walmart and FEMA are engaged in a win-win agreement. Walmart, which needed to close numerous stores is letting their storage space be utilized by FEMA and the Military to warehouse federal emergency supplies. The government in return is granting Walmart tax incentives for doing so. See, simple. Our government would never do anything underhanded or act in any way to hurt or trick us. Where is your patriotism? Where is you love for America the beautiful? I, for one, trust all our politicians and government people completely. What me, worry?

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  4. nice to see all the government trolls are doing their job. And people who dont heed the warning and wanna live in their little boxes is false security you deserve everything u get.

  5. if you take away wal mart an switch it around it creats mart law wich is a person that might take over the world if something that destroy the nation just saying ?

  6. A lot of Walmart are closing to build Walmart Supercenter. There is no Federal activity going on with vacant Walmart Stores. People like to conjure up scare tactic to scare people .  I think it is very crew and disrespectful .There is a Walmart vacant store near by  that was up for lease for a long time. It does not appear of a suspicious activity around the vacant store. So people do not believe this conspiracy garbage about Walmart .

  7. Youtube search videos for >david cole in auschwitz full documentary< War and Post-war propaganda tells gullible "what they want to hear" to justify massive wars where MILLIONS died and huge amounts of money were spent on both sides funded by the very same bankers.

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