Virgin Mary Conspiracy

Constantine and the Catholic Church

After he offered the picture of Jesus Christ as the prophet of his religion, the Roman Catholic Church, Constantine inaugurated a committee to oversee the workings of the organisation. He created the Vatican above the temple of Jupiter and tricks were being employed to endorse this highly revered Roman god as the a person upon whom the new prophet bestowed the appropriate of ascent. The other issue he experienced to do was to discover a spot for the highly commemorated Mom God, or the sun, as the subsequent most useful asset to appease the masses.

Mary and Mom God

This was not these kinds of a big concern as it might at initial look. As a descendant of the Amors he knew all about the ability of the sun in spiritual worship. The Funds city of the Amorites in Assyria was Mari ahead of it was wrecked throughout the 1st Century In advance of Caesar (BC). As ‘ma-r-i’ it translates as ‘mother’s potent eye’ and that is a immediate reference to the sun. In English it is ‘Mary’ and this was quickly converted to the Mom of God instead of Mom God.

The Virgin Sunshine

The sun was normally considered a virgin as no gentleman could mate with her whilst the act of crucifixion experienced been heading on for centuries in an try to mail them to her. Rock artwork from pre-Christian periods demonstrates this with guys holding onto the circle/cross picture as a kite by which they elevated upwards. These mates with substantial erect penises and head of birds were being also depicted with wings and a sword by their facet. These kinds of were being found in Scandinavian areas and a equivalent depiction at Stonehenge in England.

Crucifixion and the Circle and Cross

The plan of crucifixion as a usually means of elevation to the heavens has its roots in the symbolism of sun worship. The circle and cross was a person of the earliest icons in the archaeological history dating again to just about 400,000 a long time. When the strategies of procreation and conception were being not recognised ahead of domestication of animals the plan of mounting with the sun at dawn, specifically at Equinox, experienced its followers amid overall communities.

Virgin Mom God

The sun ‘verged on’ the edge of the horizon at dawn and this is the achievable origin of ‘virgin’. So she was normally the ‘Virgin Mom God’. It is only at that time that the appropriate angled cross seems in the heart of the perpetually transferring rainbow coloured circles. They obtained the symols of ‘O-X’ for the ‘circle/cross’ though the symbol for Mom God was the horse, or ‘equin’ from ‘eye-queen’. The time of the relationship was ‘equin-ox’ or equinox. ‘Marriage’ is from ‘mary-age’ or the time of the return of the sun in Spring.

Virgin Mary – Mom of God

So Mom God became ‘Virgin Mom Mary, Mom of God’. Constantine moved the time of the traditional crucifixion of god-guys from the equinox to the initial comprehensive moon later on. He likewise altered the time of ‘noon’, when they were being typically killed, to midday to further conceal the point that this is in which the custom of Easter (eye-star) arose. He conspired, hence, to provide about a new god with a new kind of the Mom God to cement the trustworthiness of his new religion in custom though hiding the points.

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