Video refutes woman’s claim cop pointed gun at her

(North Jersey Media) A woman who allegedly accused a local police officer of pointing his gun at her during a recent traffic stop was seemingly refuted by video evidence.

According to a release from the Pequannock Township Police Department, Irvington resident Hyacinth Peccoo, 50, came into police headquarters on Oct. 28 and said she wanted to file a complaint against an officer who had pulled her over. Peccoo met with Detective Lt. Michael Fairweather, the department’s internal affairs officer, and allegedly said Patrolman Daniel Caffrey falsely claimed she failed to stop at a stop sign.

A screenshot from the traffic stop video that appears to disprove a woman’s alleged claims a Pequannock officer yelled at her and drew his firearm during a traffic stop. The video is available on Suburban Trends’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suburbantrendsNJ

“She went on to claim that the police officer yelled at her and removed his firearm and pointed it at her,” said Capt. Christopher DePuyt in the release. “… Peccoo stated that she asked the officer if he was going to kill her in broad daylight. She completed a written statement of this account and her interview was audio and video recorded.”


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