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  1. I am new to your channel and I thank you for your craziness and not letting me go to bed until 4am 😏 I LOVE YOU 😁#mostfuckedupfamilyonyoutube ❤️

  2. When I watched your first video (1 month ago) I fell in love with you, a whole month later and when people ask who my family are I say I am part of the #MostF'fUpFamilyOnYoutube
    Love you Kenny K
    I have memorised your whole intro

  3. Can u please do a mandala effect conspiracy theory? Thnx and I am obsessed with ur videos like legit watching em 24/7🎉💖💖 like if u agree

  4. its  good thing hes taking back the bananas because the americans are way over there head who for some reason breathe war instead of air like actually what the fuck you  americans cant stay out of war for 3 seconds without voting for harambe and guzzling reeses pieces.

  5. I'm a new subscriber! I saw Animal Crossing in the thumbnail and absolutely had to watch since it's my favorite game!

  6. I heard this theory about Mario.I'm not sure if I'm getting all the facts right but I believe that Princess Peach is cheating on Mario with Bowser. People think this because Mario is always going to Bowsers castle to go get his love. And it would give Mario a valid reason to hate Bowser. Maybe you could look into it.

  7. In the new animal crossing you can ask them to build your house in a specific area you want the house to be in. Also you become the mayor and the turtle is retired

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