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  1. I hope you do realize that not knowing something to be impossible does not imply it being possible. It just means that we don't know that it is impossible. Simple as that.

  2. I have dreams all the time that are weird like that. One time I had a dream that I had an adopted son. It was the whole relationship from adoption to the moment he thought he'd consider me his dad, just for me to wake up. Never to the extent of a lifetime though. Only days.

  3. I’ve had dreams before that seem to have taken up a couple years of my life and once you do realize something is very wrong, you will wake up, ive also had a few dreams where I am very aware I am dreaming but can not control what I do or what happens

  4. From the very first story I remembered why I don't visit those kinds of subreddits anymore; too much stuff that I relate to and don't want to think about/acknowledge. Ugh I've had some horrible experiences similar to this guy's and the only way for me to reconcile with them was to put them behind me and pretend they never happened. And the Whistler story has gained a lot of traction so I've seen it in other places and it still creeps me out so badly.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the second could possibly be the guy recording the video and then creating this crazy elaborate story around it to be interesting and acknowledged

  6. I call probable BS on the lamp, for one reason only. If a police officer came up on an unconscious and unresponsive person, they are not allowed to transport, at least not in the US. An EMT and a MEDIC would be required, especially if there are signs of head trauma, which there was. OP would have to be transported in an ambulance probably with a brace-board and probably with his neck immobilized. No way in hell would any rescue squad or fire department allow this.

  7. 4:44 What do i think? i think a guy waking up is not a conspiracy.. i think its a conspiracy to condition people to think that bullshit are conspiracies so that people think conspiracies are bullshit.

  8. Some of these kinds of stories only reinforce my belief that we live in a simulation and someone fucks with us just to see the outcome. There are things I've seen that can only be explained as a glitch in "reality", the Déjà vu scene from the Matrix happened to me but it was my dog walking past my window.

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