1. ''If theories are true'''  THis narrator needs to study true history. OF COURSE IT IS TRUE THEY INTEND ON FORMING A TYRANNICAL WORLD GOVERNMENT

  2. Washington was not a top level Mason,the difference between the rat Jews who admit they control the Free Masons ,and a man of honor and bravery like Washington are night and day.

  3. You can tell these made for tv shows,always censor the Jewish hand,example at 4:00 they mockingly show you the Star of David while talking about a 5 pointed star. Fact is,there are 2 competing factions of the New World Order..Anglo,and Jewish…and since the END of WWII the Jewish faction is dominating more and more and more…they have entirely subverted the U.S.,Canadian,English,German,Australian,and many other countries governments. Israel dumps loads of black refugees into Switzerland,and nobody stops em,Jews admit control,and there are endless quotes of them calling for NWO.

  4. So far their good at creating war's but get their arses well and truly kicked bring it on many will die but humanity will prevail as empire's always fail.

  5. The Mighty british were'nt defeated, gave up after bankrupting USA, witch allowed to make it into a corporation. Real patriots like Lincoln get assasinated by Mr pike's followers.

  6. just to start I watched a few of these episodes on Netflix and after I did first I thought I cant believe that Netflix even has this in their selection this shit is the most pitiful attempt of entertainment I have seen to date just knowing that this series exists and that our species created it is truly unbelievable I found my self laughing at it as if it were a comedy I disliked it that much that I had to resort to hating and bashing it via youtube because I felt that it was my duty as a logical thinking resident of planet earth and to end I would just like to ad that I hope that anyone and everyone who had anything to do with this program is dead and if not, at the very least dying   

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