Uncle Grandpa Is The Creator Of Steven Universe? – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 92) @ChannelFred

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  1. Well, technically it is possible for someone to be an uncle and a grandpa. All you need is a brother of your father and for that brother to adopt your father. Weird but possible.

  2. Associating these two shows makes me want to die
    Steven universe:a wonderful show that deals with real world problems in a clever child friendly way without offending or oppressing people (unless they just find random bullsh!t and assume its racist, in which case they're just asking to be offended) and honestly i could go on and on for hours about what makes this show so good but just move onto uncle grandpa

    Uncle grandpa:a random show which is a show that teaches kids about drugs and why you shouldnt take them because nothing makes sense, theres no logic or anything to it and its like somebody listed off five hundred dead memes that werent funny in the first place and then twenty people played the whisper challenge until the description of these memes was so messed up that you can barely tell what they used to be and then the animators were told to make it funny and they had some sort of disease that made them have no emotion so they didnt even know what "funny" meant, i cant watch this stuff, its genuinely worse than teen titans go

  3. Did anyone else notice that scene at the very end of the Uncle Grandpa+Steven Universe crossover, where Uncle Grandpa reads over his list of all the kids he's visited thus far, and they're all child characters from Cartoon Network's old classics?

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