U20 – Facts & Conspiracies #Hattrick

Why are U20 players so expensive? how to train a hot prospect? and what are the biggest U20 conspiracies – All in this video! 0:29 Format and Rules 1:05 …




  1. Lol what an ironic thing.
    I thought this week about making "the way to u-20 video" and you made this video

  2. Happy to see that graphics are getting better in your videos 🙂 Although I am already getting used to your Windows 95 presentations :)))

  3. Your videos getting better and better. But you are doing a deadsin of all PowerPoint presentations: putting a wall of text on screen and reading it all out. My professor would be furious haha
    Great information though 🙂

  4. Hi, it is nice this project that you are building around Hattrick and the streaming media. As someone commented, avoid reading your slides, reduce the amount of text (Or at least do not cover the text with your image). But I really like what you are doing. Btw. I am training a U-20 candidate that came out from my pool, so let's see how it goes in the following seasons. I played Hattrick when I was a kid, until my brother created like 5 fake teams and I got banned because we both used the same internet connection, it took me 15 years to recover from the trauma, but here I am again playing the game. 😀

  5. Hey Uncle Mish as PM scout of U20 Turkish NT and WB scout of Turkish NT i appreciate your channel. I am also training 3 pm for my country and sacrificed any success to their fully development and resources. Scouting and helping truly development of 15 y.o player is priceless. Keep it up bro, i am waiting for your new videos.

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