Conspiracy theory about the twitter thread voicemail from @strayedaway about the missing Malaysian flight 370 FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/michelleplatti Instagram…




  1. Ur take on the 370 plane is all true because u didn’t go deep enough because now there’s even more evidence. Also the first person that receives the voice mail was not strayed away it was another tweeter. I also feel like u didn’t go deep enough because u just wanted to rant on how u didn’t believe it. Now there’s sooo much more prove that this could be real but I guess we will just have to find out for our selfs. I’m not hating at all just sharing my opinion on ur take about this.

  2. Steven Hawkings could play a role in this. He was very big on two issues, overpopulation and A.I. Now, I’m going to tell you about his standpoint on A.I rather than his standpoint on overpopulation because that’s not really important. Anyways he said that we should be cautious of the rise of A.I and how we should be careful how much power we give them. The “SOS” message on the plane said that something was “nonhuman”. Could it possibly be an A.I? Elon Musk also predicted that in the year 2045 A.I would take over so it’s not like hawkings was the only one to believe in the rise of A.I. So it could be possible that Hawkings was starting to catch on so they killed him. But what I don’t understand is who “they” could be. New world order, terrorist organization, corrupt government, or even the A.I itself after all he did use a machine that helped him speak

  3. ok deadass i have never ever looked up anything to do with mattresses and for like weeks i was getting like 2-3 minute long mattress ads on your videos that i couldn't skip. u h

  4. The “good night” final words were said to the Malaysia air traffic control as they were supposed to switch to Vietnamese air traffic control. Basic facts…look it up before making stuff up

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