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  1. Ok. So, I was wondering about Avril because until recently she hadn’t released a song or album since 2013, 4 years ago now she released a cover of baby its cold outside and then I found out this was a real theory and not something I made up in my head I’m just a little shocked and wonder if she really is dead

  2. The tech has been around like in the 70s or 60s when they made the first parent trap movies. Walt was a genius when it came to movie magic

  3. Sweet creature is about Gemma and two ghosts is about Taylor, definitely taylor because in style she says “I got that red lip classic thing that you like” and she mentions Harry’s white shirt

  4. I love the Larry theory, but I think the song Two Ghosts was made more to mirror Taylor Swift’s song Style, which is reminiscent of their relationship. They both make references to red lips and a white t-shirt, and Taylor has blue eyes like the ones Harry mentions in his song. Style was released in 2014, a while after they had broken up, and Two Ghosts in 2017, 3 years later. With this time difference in mind, he’s obviously gotten a “couple more tattoos”. These are just my thoughts on that though.

  5. I loved The Parent Trap! I dont know if I believe Lindsay has a twin or not but why would the producers bother with CGI & all the extra effort of creating a twin rather then just easily hiring twins.

  6. What if both twins are living as Lindsey and neither one is dead or in hiding yet neither ones name is Lindsey and they made up a name.

  7. With the Lindsay Lohan twin conspiracy, you can actually see a part on the Parent Trap where they are putting the picture of their parents together at the camp, when one of the twins' face goes over the other twins' hair, you can see a part of her hair being cut off from the digital effects. Plus the freckles are exactly the same so idk how someone started this conspiracy without paying close attention first.

  8. Wait a few months ago Lindsay cam in to the Wendy show with a fucking wierd accent probaly it was Kelsay and Lindsay is in Rehab or something i know its pretty crazy but just look at that Wendy video

  9. As someone who worked security for Avril's dressing room at her Ottawa concert, her face changed cause of coke. The girl was running back and forth between songs to do bumps. Also, age and plastic surgery.

  10. I have a conspiracy theory about that 70s show. I think that Eric is dead and Donna imagines their time together and everyone goes with it because they don't want to hurt her and that's why he doesn't show up for their wedding rehearsal.

  11. AVRIL IS NOT DEAD but she does have a double/lookalike and there is ALOT of proof to this also Avril DID respond to the theory saying I’m not dead

  12. I think it's funny… ever since high school I've been told I look like Avril Lavigne… but I look like the "old" Avril… she's only 1-2 yrs older than me… it's a flattering compliment though.

  13. Maybe Kelsey Lohan was murdered because someone actually wanted to kill Lindsay and they wanted to do THAT just cause… u know I don't know just like the reason why some people want to kill celebrities maybe jealousy or something. Or what if it was actually Linday who was murdered or died during her mental break down and they replaced her with Kelsey

  14. I did always thought Lindsey had a twin since I watched parent trap as a kid…. Disney is an evil satanic corporation/military industrial complex/nazi/pedophile hideout… Disney is nothing like most people think, and they dont even hide that info. So it makes sense they would kill the sister. They do satanic rituals thats why.

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