Tupac’s Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

Watch in 480p Tupac’s Death & Illuminati Theory D to Da Z Productions Edited by: Drazan aka Drazo Made on: 23 November 2009 Writers such as Mark Dice,[7] …




  1. Or maybe just maybe all that gang shit they were rapping about caught up with them maybe just maybe Pac got killed because he jumped a crip

  2. Look at all the fake idols now days that are being drowned into the heads of children! Taylor swift for one!? And the information gap they somehow created, we need old people back in young peoples lifes. All this is true, LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE!

  3. there are rumours that everything he wore was bulletproof and then on Better Dayz on the Outro of the album, he says "Expect me to come back like Jesus, expect me"… on the fence with this one. i dont know what to believe

  4. 2Pac Was A Highly Well Recognized, Respected For The Real Of The World And Showing Us And Also Telling Us. Like In Hail Mary's Intro, If You Speak These Words In Swahili, And We Don't Actually Know What He Is Talking About. Did You Also Know PAC Also Knew That Jay-Z Was In The Illuminati Before Anyone… Like If You Remember The Beef With Pac and Mobb Deep ??

  5. Their lives had to be sacrificed? WHY? Because they wanted to play gangster? LOL Ok. Watch No Country For Old Men…………………….. "I think these fellas died from natural causes…. natural to the line of work they was in!"

  6. One thing I will say about Pac's death, it's VERY possible his death had nothing to do with "gangsta's". When you can influence people and spread knowledge and talk like he did, it was only spell disaster for you since the "machine" will steamroll anyone who gets in it's way. Look at what he do just for oil and wealth? Only the wealth isn't being shared.

  7. Another sad thing is Tupac was a GREAT actor, he really was truly great in every acting role he had. Juice, Above the Rim, Gang Related, and my favorite, Gridlockt.

  8. Rap today is so much bull crap rap today doesn't mean. A thing i believe. Tupac is alive an Tupac is the only rap artist that talks about things that matter

  9. There's an underground book out called ESCAPE FROM MARCY, that may shed some light on who killed 2pac.  Amazon was trying to remove the book by request from some people in the hip hop industry, but was unsuccessful since the book is classified as a fiction.  As a result of 2pacs death, someone else became a multi-million dollar rapper from Marcy Brooklyn.

  10. I will forever love Tupac the REAL too ever were born! a real THUG Lord! I will forever love Tupac forever and ALWAYS! much love too YOU my baby I will forever represent Tupac I will always Love you until the die that I motherfucking DIE! ❤?my HEART is still broke and very heart because I had real feelings for you and still do I care a great deal about you Pac! ??????????✊✌✊✊✊✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????love always Nicki THUGLIFE 2016 and beyond that untill the end of TIME!

  11. this is the problem with the uneducated c i am not considering myself an enlightened one but the perspective of there is no mystery is very obtuse in my eyes he was actively against chaos he didnt want for himself he was against the rivaling and shit. thats we kept wanting people to prove him innocent to me this is no different than the oj simpson bullshit or the la riot bbullshit it was a government diversion. you people dont actually believe rodney king had the shit knocked out of him just because he was black thats like saying I killed kennedy, or I shot lincoln, or i am why napoleon met his waterloo

  12. hey maybe he knew someone gona kill him any moment and he wanted to dissapear and he knew what is realy happening and he knows so much that he would be the last man to help or fix some secret,thatswhy he dissapear he dont trust nobody,he even said that.he probably will be back,to change something,if he is breathing he will use his brain and heart to the 100

  13. My question is why the fuck did Suge knight not want PAC riding with his bodyguard after the mgm fight and why was suge park behide the two cars and PACs bodyguard suge was in on that murder he just don't want to say shit Poof had love for PAC he just didn't like suge because suge is sketchy and is always up to no good and the west coast warned PAC before signing with def row there was no Orlando in this case some framed the two man and trying to save suges ass and I think the FBI know they just don't give a fuck because they the ones who pulled PACs file

  14. Theres 3 types of people in this world:
    Those who know whats going on
    Those who think they know whats going on
    And those that have no idea whats going on

  15. gov killed him could u imagine the whole blacklivesmatter with 2pac leading it to overthrow the police he would be the most influential black person 2nd to martin luther they killed because he would have started a anti gov movement

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