Tupac’s Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Pt.4

Tupac’s Death & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Pt.4 you Tube removed my part 3 video i dont know why.. Watch in 480p Tupac’s Death & Illuminati Theory D to Da …




  1. Interesting as Youtube is owned by the so called illuminati and Part 3 was removed by Youtube? coincidence or ?

  2. You people are nuts. Totally brainwashed with this NWO shit to the point where every celebrity that gets killed, murdered or dies you try connect it to this insane notion that the "Illuminati" are respsponsible.

  3. Replying to yourself shows that you need help.
    All that shit you are spouting shows that you need help.
    Dude. Get some help. Your head is up your ass.

  4. Yep…..i think i can see some of the messages he gave now, possible messages that i never really looked into then….i was still unaware of much, but.. : ( "All i have to say, is that they don't really care about us!" and other messages.

  5. and thats why you see so many celebs endorsing obama…..literally ALL of the extremely rich celebs endorse obama because they know about new world order…..

  6. As usual – we "BLACK PEOPLE" are looking far too much into these elitist musicians – Look towards your fake politicians who want to gain and hold unto power – The musicians are egomaniacs who manipulate young Black men.

  7. fuck the Illuminati they wanna take over my mind and body me against everybody they all walking zombies, use you mind see the signs realize what's happening this is sick world nigga so you better pull the trigger shot to the head is peaceful that's what they said fuck the Illuminati they'll never take over my mind and body 

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