Tucker: Vegas massacre conspiracy theories fill the void

Tucker’s Thoughts: It has now been nearly two weeks since the Las Vegas shooting and, unbelievably, nobody can answer even the most basic questions about what happened. #Tucker.




  1. What fuckin robber goes for the hottest house on the block!?!? Yeah right, fbi or cia or some faction of intelligence agency needed to take something out or put something in

  2. A cop or high official. Someone important. He thought someone was gonna save him. The guy watched. A witness to it all not there but close. You have his name.

  3. This made absolutely no sense when I first heard about it in the media. Something didnt sound right.
    Why did he have a pile of guns to himself? I also dont think he did it alone, or possible he wasnt even the one.
    I also never heard of the fact that someone broke into his house too. NOW something is super weird…

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Again?????😕. Why does the truth always have to be labeled a conspiracy theory?
    Why not just call the truth the truth!
    When will you ignorant people f**** get the point that this was yet another sloppy staged false Flag fiasco!!
    And once again this was one of the biggest crimes in ever committed in American history!
    But yet it has already been buried and forgotten!!
    Do you know the people that are behind all these fake ploys are just laughing it up at you stupid idiotic people?
    YOU guys fell for yet another deception!
    making it way too easy for them!!!!!
    IDIOTS 😕

  5. I sure would like to see what the ballistic evidence are of the rifles that were captured and the ballistics of the bullets match to the rifles I'm sure there's a missing piece to this puzzle !!!

  6. Something went way wrong here. If it's a false flag, as in set up, then the narrative fell apart and the government is running from it as fast as they can.

  7. this guy planned to sell guns to ISIS… when ISIS arrived they shot him..took the weapons they were gonna"buy"…and open fire on the crowd.. Dead man on the floor ISIS has a cover…

  8. I could see why he had gloves on, if your dumping mags like he was your rifle gets super hot, hell after 3 or 4 mag dumps back to back it can heat up hundreds and hundreds of degrees. The other stuff though doesn’t make sense at all.

  9. The CIA is behind most of these shootings. the ultimate goal is to scare the masses and guilt trip the masses into giving up fire arms. It is the New World Order hard at work. plain and simple.

  10. They're incompetent because they don't care. The same reason so many too many children suffer awful fates and circumstances of happenings. No real investigation.

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