Tucker: Left cries 'conspiracy' over Mueller findings

Robert Mueller’s investigation did not find any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News …




  1. Only Mexicans Non Americans and those that are Ruining American society, think CNN is the "Best Source" and I will say I have never liked CNN the Communist News Network

  2. Can someone answer this for me? Did any of these collusion thumpers ever prepare for what might happen if they found no collusion? They never had evidence. They just assumed everything. This is crazy….

  3. The guy crying white privelige reveals the truth! What they are saying is "We demanded a 2 year witch hunt into Trumps entire life and you're telling me you didn't find anything at all we could use to attack him? If MUST be a cover up!" That's what they think this is! They thought it was an unwarranted search into everything to dig up dirt. Now that it turns out that Mueller only investigated what he was told to, and found no evidence, they are once again hopping mad. But but but we wanted a witch hunt! What are you in trump's side? Why didn't you find dirt for us? Okokok we have to spin this now as not credible…

  4. Should channels that promote conspiracy be shut down like alex jones. There seems to be a double standard. A quote from 1984 comes to mind 'However much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing'.

  5. Lol the summary ended with this report does not exonerate trump. If he has nothing to hide release the report. Wasn't there a bipartisanship motion passed agreeing to anyway? Not really a question. Trump himself said he wanted the report released… Ah just another lie lol…

    'chants' where's the wall, where's the wall 'chants'

  6. And nobody cares that America, Europe and Japan imposed sanctions against Russia on this lie? And no one has yet taken them off, or even apologized.

  7. I'm Russian – we have the whole country laughing – in the United States can win the election via Twitter and crap the whole system of false accusations – do you consider yourself a benchmark of democracy))??- can you imagine how laugh at you in Iran – there die with laughter)) – in Iran, too, democracy

  8. One of the few common sense voices in modern media.
    Keep it up, Tucker!
    It is strange that Tucker has not yet been called a "Kremlin propagandist." )))

  9. 3:22 Ummmm…… Mr. Mistal, ever heard the of O.J. Simpson? He got investigated for KILLING a white woman (his ex-wife) and not only walked away scott free, the black lawyer who got him off became a 90s pop culture icon. How many movies and sitcoms had seedy black male lawyers who could spring someone, even when he was guilty as hell?

  10. I truly believe if they continue to attack trump its gonna incite a reaction from the majority in a very bad way. What do these corrupt Democrats think is gonna happen if they continue to attack our true democracy…

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