Tucker: Hillary wears tinfoil hat with conspiracy theories

Clinton had no message or agenda. But she has a theory about diabolical scheme involving Trup and the Russians and why she lost the November election and …




  1. If Putin was the cause of Hillary losing then he should be gifted with a medal, 40 virgins, and the state of California for his service to this country.

  2. The only "Nothing burger!" in this is:

    1. Obama's legacy.


    2. Her political career.

    Every time they open their mouths and try to pin something on our President, they expose themselves instead. It is like a little kid who tells on themselves. They are so dead set on finding a Russian smoking gun that now they have implicated the whole Obama Presidency in 4th Amendment and FISA violations. The MSM is getting killed as well.

  3. WOW! NUTTY! I used to think she was a psychopath, but after this interview I think she's a very mentally sick and dangerous criminal. She's always been a pathological liar and a delusional narcissist believing the world revolves around her ("why am I not 50 points ahead?" eg) and the truth is whatever she makes up (Benghazi deaths, the server, uranium one sale, Haitian fund theft), but this eye opening. She's like some evil deranged serial killer spouting out crazy ass twisted lies about Macedonians and Russia??? WTF is wrong w/ this bitch? Disgusting. She needs professional help ASAP, the number for Bellvue psych is 212 562 1000. https://med.nyu.edu/psych/affiliates/bellevue-hospital-center

  4. I think she is working on her Seth Rich legal defense. She is trying to make it appear that she thought it was the Russians who hacked her server and leaked her emails so she had no motive to have Seth Rich killed. She is lying of course, but it will make the prosecution's job harder.

  5. Hillary AKA the #ButcherOfBenghazi, the twisted minded Political Moron that sold 20% of OUR Uranium to the Russians and has more contacts & taken more money from Russia than anyone in America would believe is crying Wolf again! Even many on the left want her to go back into the woods and never come out! I know that would Plumb Tickle Me to Death! It turns my stomach just hearing that whiney voice of hers, he photo reminds me of an aging Angela Merkel that must be in her 60s and making clinton more into a Home for Senior Citizens! God Hillary, GO HOME PLEASE!

  6. This is what's wrong. Tucker is totally wrong in saying Clinton had no message. She was for raising MW free college, big infrastructure investment. Retraining people out of coal jobs and others … etc etc … if you want to defend Trump at least be trustful.

  7. she is still paranoid..  so emails from Podesta were leaked, ppl read them and didn't like what they were reading.. HRC had all the media on her side ( apart from FOX obviously ) – she never denied the veracity of the leaked emails from WikiLeaks. not once. her pet media tried to keep the lid on it by not reporting on them…

  8. One could argue the Russian conspiracy is a nothing burger. At least the email scandal was real. I've yet to see anything that the Russian influence is nothing but a DNC fantasy.

  9. HRC redefines DELUSIONAL…
    she has made it an art form..
    she should be professor emeritus @ some pinko commie liberal college..like
    Oxford in England, where her
    hubby was expelled for RAPE..now there's where the rape culture started…

  10. Hillary keeps talking about how voters are simply too stupid to read for themselves. It always must have been a tremendous conspiracy to feed voters information and interpret it for us. She constantly lets us know how dumb she thinks we are, then can't understand why so many people hate her.

  11. Imagine for a moment, if Hillary was President…
    Yes, imagine the train wreck our country would be heading towards…
    Then, be even more grateful for your President Trump!!

  12. Not a fan of Clinton but if you're going to call someone out for tin foil hate conspiracy theories start with Trump and his birther movement.

  13. Killery, shut up, just shut up!!! You LOST because people don't like you, NEVER WILL LIKE YOU, or want you as president……..accept it, you need to learn to live with failure and stop blaming everybody and everything!!! JUST GO AWAY,!!

  14. Clucker the hen could have run a better campaign and would have been more likable than shillery. The foul I'm sure, has a higher IQ and probably has actual emotions. lol

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