Hi Sun Raes! Today were talking about the conspiracy theory of Avril Lavigne and her “replacement”- Melissa Vandella. What do you think about this theroy? Click to join the Sun Rae Squad!!!…




  1. here is my theory: avril is just relaxing somewhere, taking a bit of well deserved and well earned downtime (probably still writing music though cause she never stops doing that) and will surprise us when she is READY with a sixth album…not before. i mean jesus was it her fourth album that took like 3-4 years to come out…i think it was. this is nothing new people (if there is one thing i do know about avril from the research i did…she is a perfectionist), the fact we haven't heard from her just means she is doing nothing BAD or MAJOR like tours. because paparazzi only report on the negative and the rest of the news only mention major stuff like "oh avril is heading on a tour" or something like that. i can guarantee you avril doesn't care what anyone thinks, so stop trying to nose into her life. she likes having fans and support as much as the next person but if you gonna hate…just don't bother…walk away…because she gives zero fucks.

  2. You clone people as an embryo. There would be no way to know if she was going to be famous before birth, therefore there would be know way to know if there was a reason to clone her.

  3. I always liked how Avril never really strived to be conventionally pretty. She let her natural beauty shine. Sadly, that isn’t the case today…

  4. I could totally see this being one of those monarch things. I don't really follow her music but it's just got that creepy Disney feel to it.

  5. I was the biggest Avril fan and while I don't agree with conspiracy theories about her, I do definitely agree that there was a huge musical shift in her career. But maybe the reason was like you mentioned, the grief of her grandfather was too much for her and we all know grief makes people so many things. Maybe she decided to become this blasé girl with a devil may care attitude to cope with her grief? Almost like a coping mechanism? And she rolled with it because it kept her mind of the stress that was going on behind the scenes? I don't know but maybe just something to consider!

  6. Cool fun fact my aunt and my friends mom was friends with avril in hight school 👌🏻 also the fact that you called chapters (a huge book store) a retirement home is hilarious to me

  7. Didn't she have lyme disease? I think she had to stop being a singer and get replaced by a different person. Idk.

  8. Girl you need to fact check properly her first album was “let go” and songs on it was “complicated” and “s8ater boy” which you said wasn’t and her second one “Under my skin” was also her your talking about 3/4 album onwards really. Just saying you gonna do an Avril conspiracy theory and clame to be a huge fan from back when and was obsessed get your stuff on point boo. Especially if your talking about someone who has taken their own life.

  9. i saw this thing on shane's channel. the "trade your life for the devil" maybe, she sold her life to the devil, the devil killed her, and the one melissa girl- she's now the new avril.

  10. I just found out today (year 2018) this ridiculous RUMOR about Avril from a video about her dead, like i can't believed that she's dead. And this rumor of her is speading for years!. And all about this theory of her somewhat make sense. But i search more to know if this even real. Gladly i end up on your channel and it clears up everything. At first i teard up knowing her dead, her songs made my childhood. Well guess Change is truely Constant.

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