Truth About Conspiracy Theories – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 13 – with JP Sears

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  1. Its like trying to make fun of 2+2 = 4
    It's just not funny, It's True!

    your sarcasm can only take you so far, your video is case and point.

  2. Deilluminati is even a darker organization that has been kept from you. Its agenda is to screw up animals minds and create hatred of humans. A lot of dogs hate me and so do monkeys. I have noticed birds looking at me with evil eyes. Some look at me with only one eye and we all know what this is. The Illuminati symbol of the all-seeing eye.

    I am going on Alex Jones show next week to bring this to the world and scare everyone with THE TRUTH. I hope I can start a website and get more people to tell me their animal stories. This is really big and I think it will go viral and then I can get advertising and pay for a real documentary like everyone else is doing to get even bigger advertising money.

  3. Talking about 911, have you seen Dr.Judy Woods "Where did the Towers go?" On YouTube.
    We don't have the tech to pull it off.

    911 wasn't an inside job.
    Oh no, sir.
    It was very much an Outside job.

  4. I have researched conspiracy theories for almost a decade now, and i finally found a nugget of truth, im taking this to the streets!

  5. Someone told me to do a random act of kindness. But once they told me, how could it be random? I’d just be following orders. So I told them to eff off.

  6. i have been the guy sitting in front of a kicking screaming kid with a mom that does not a fucking thing to try and stop him. i have never wanted more to choke both of them. but i enjoy my freedom so instead i let my seat ALL the way back as far as it would go. the kid screamed and kicked a little more but so what? at least i was getting a little satisfaction out of it knowing we was both uncomfortable. and i would have loved nothing more than the stupid bitch mom to try and say something to me so i could unleash all my anger on that dumb bitch.. but big surprise she never said shit

  7. I swear I saw you in Costa Rica last year Christmas time! I was too nervous to come up and talk to you haha! Cheers and thanks for all you do! I'm trying to get into the travel blogger world and would love some advice if you're willing to give it!

  8. can u give a serious statement about the lizard people? i couldnt tell what u really think of all those things über sarcasm. love it thogh <3

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