Trump’s JFK Document Dump Fueled The Conspiracy Theory Fire (HBO)

54 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. When long-awaited documents related to JFK assassination were released, we filmed with Daniel Lizst, …




  1. No mention of Mossad, no mention of Israeli involvement, no mention of Jewish Mafia boss Mayer Lansky, no mention that Jack Ruby =Jack Rubinstein and no mention of the secret battle between Ben Gurion and JFK over Israel's nuclear program. VICE you're full of shit.

  2. Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper or The Opium Lords by Salvador Astucia are the definitive fact/truth books ever written telling EXACTLY what happened to JFK. If all American people read either book, their would soon be a revolution.

  3. It's pretty clear by the small mentality of your viewers, in comments, that this is likely the best thing that;s ever been posted on your shitty channel….

  4. lol you guys make it seem like there's something wrong with seeing conspiracy theories.. Everyone laughed at the crazy guy with a tinfoil on his head claiming the government was spying on him up until… oh wait except that was exposed to be fucking true.

  5. "Aliens did it!" When Twump already years ago revealed it was Ted Cruz'es dad. Some jounalist. No wonder if he feels a lot in the dark.

  6. ALIENS, in little saucers and what not, DO NOT EXIST, at least on Earth. Think about it, strange flying objects crashing near secret army, air force bases.. It's post world war 2 and the cold war is ramping up. In world war 2, almost all of the war was decided by aviation. The US military has been building drone prototypes since the 1940's

  7. Daniel ‘The Dark Journalist’ is brilliant been following him for a long time he is the real deal he interviewed the late Jim Marrs and has interviewed Catherine Austin Fittz and Dr Joseph Patrick Farrell love his work.

  8. This is a deftly edited op-ed piece to make the viewer question Daniel Liszt's research. It's edited in such a way to obscure the truth. Not bolster it. Sorry, "Vice News", but you totally missed the point. (But of course, not on purpose, right?) Those that have followed Daniel's forays into seeking the truth can see right through this op-ed piece, as I have.

  9. He is telling the truth. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Look up : siriusdisclosure.com, the Disclosure Project from May 2001, and Paul Helyer former Defense Minister of Canada. The E.T. presence on Earth is the biggest news story you will never hear about. The government will probably never tell the truth about the E.T. presence because they would have to explain why they have been lying to us for more than 70 years. Finally, don't believe me, go find out for yourself. The truth IS out there!

  10. I personally don't believe that Martin Luther King Jr was involved with extramarital affairs. No way.
    But I certainly do follow Daniel Liszt because he helps uncover a lot of Deep State Bull-💩..!

  11. We now now that Obama had the British and our OWN agencies SPY on Trump before he was President, and WHILE he was President. JFK was subject to the SAME treatment while a congressman and President. Jackie Kennedy FLED the U.S. after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, saying : " THEY are killing Kennedys". The one woman JFK was screwing who introduced him to drugs was Mary Cord Meyer. If JFK was ever tempted to divulge the UFO secret, it may have been with her, while using drugs. Perhaps that might explain why Mary had a large hole blasted through her skull, just like JFK. Funny how JFK wound up at Bethesda Naval Hospital where the wounds to his body were ALTERED before the official autopsy took place…..that is also where former WWII Navy Secretary and " Majestic 12" member James Forrestal committed suicide by being PUSHED out a window !!! The last man seen with Forrestal was Admiral Kimmel….the man in charge of the Pearl Harbor Naval base when it was attacked by the Japs.

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