Trump's Conspiracy Theory About A Saudi Journalist's Death

There’s a Donald Trump conspiracy theory for everything. Here’s who he’s blaming for the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Subscribe To “The Late …




  1. As much as I despise Trump, Colbert was incredibley ugly and callous regarding what was was the clearly horrific murder of this journalist 🙁

  2. don't see how this is trumps fault. any president could, and has been in difficult positions…the only difference is that trump is not a professional politician and is transparent and open and as such easy to make fun of. that is what people voted for and what they got. it is one of the few good qualities of trump that all politicians should have in some form. I did not vote for him…not a chance, but I am just telling it like it is.

  3. The qabila of salman must be killed. khaled is guilty as much as Mohammad & dogz. Alsaud out of hijaz UE NOW is the right sunnah just like banu Quraidha(know your sunnan). Trump&kids=salman&kids=Global Mafia

  4. OMG this highly paid propagandist loves himself, & the NPC audience do too! But on this episode, he is right, but does ColberT ever see any irony in him working for & do the bidding of (nigh after night after night) the Deep State behind this murder?

  5. Since when a Saudi Arabian journalist is vital to the general American public. He is not, and this is just more fake news (created content). Most American journalists do a disservice, not a service, to the American people by disseminating misinformation. Therefore, journalists believe they are important but most of the American public probably do not think news reporters are essential. Khashoggi fled his country because he knew he was playing with fire. Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. He fled because he knew they would kill him and they did, but I bet the average American does not care. Why should America endanger an Alliance with a long-standing Ally because they killed one of their own? I like one of his thoughts, a free press in America would be a great idea, and then we can finally get rid of the corrupt for-profit Companies that dominate the news media in America now.

  6. It's funny when you see in America they say we have alliance with some bad countries & try to teach us about humanity and they forget that they drop Two Nuclear Bombs on Civilians on purpose with president approval !

  7. When the Saudis attacked the US on 9/11, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the establishment media sold the Iraq War to the American people. It promoted the lies about WMDs, about Saddam having connections to al Qaeda, about Iraqis killing babies in incubators, and Saddam attacking the East Coast with chemical weapons loaded on drones launched from Iraqi boats. Let's not forget the nonexistent nuclear weapons and non-rebuilt chemical weapons program. It sold us lies about Libyan rape squads being issued Viagra. The MSM lied about Obama and Hillary arming ISIS and a no-fly zone turned bombing campaign. The MSM is responsible for millions of dead and now it wants the world to stop for one journalist after the US establishment has played footsie with the Saudis and attacked Iraq for what the Saudis did on 9/11. CNN and MSNBC can go screw. When both networks had reporters that told the truth both networks fired them summarily. The MSM has relegated itself irrelevant. Then the MSM lied about false flag chemical weapons attacks to help ISIS. This is just a small dose of the crap CNN and MSNBC expels from its MIC bowls on a daily basis.

  8. Jambi say,
    Mecca Lecka High, Mecca Hiney Ho,
    Mecca Lecka, High, Mecca Johnny Oh
    Yogi buy a Hoagie,
    Be careful to which consulate you go!!!
    Long Live Jambi!!

  9. When is Trump going to make jokes about the victim at a rally to the cheers and laughter of his Trumpbots? Oh, right…….he joked about another reporter being physically assaulted by a Republican candidate for asking a question and threatened the reporters at the rally with the same fate if they don't stop criticizing der freurer.

  10. You know what Trump is telling the Saudis via back channels. "Don't worry about anything, we've got this covered. It'll go away, it always does. " And he might be right. His tax fraud history has already gone away. I'm not sure anyone is going to do anything about it. So much of the shit he's pulled has gone away just like it was a passing inconvenience. Because he owns the DOJ and the little minds of his voters.

  11. have to give it to stephen for being able to joke about the brutal execution of a brave journalist who was tortured, dismembered, and probably beheaded live…

  12. Gauri lankesh a journalist was killed in her home by ruling allies of BJP in India and moreover her death was celebrated by the organisation i hope international media reports this issue

  13. it's infuriating how Trump's supporters keep talking about how he's good for America while Trump keeps going so far out of his way to side with tyrants over America

  14. Never drink Absinthe for a week. A few days maybe at best. And in any case you end up smelling like a licorice stick anyway. And even with numerous attempts I have never seen the green fairy. Not even a glimpse.. Well maybe a peek or two.

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