Totally Legit Gaming News – Trump Dogs 2 Conspiracy

You want gaming news? How about totally legit gaming news that publishers don’t want you knowing? Well, we got that news for you. Tonight, l we reveal how Watch Dogs 2 is being developed…




  1. I trust this secret hacker group to save us all in case of /P/r/e/s/i/d/e/n/t T/r/u/m/p. Thank you for sharing the news, Laura, now we know where to send our psychic assistance energy to aid these brave heroes.

  2. The last guardian is the only thing preventing the rise of the underground mole queen and her mole army. The once the last guardian is released we are all doomed, so we need it to keep being pushed back to guard against the apocalypse.

    The Mole People think that the last guardian footage is a documentary on how we found and trained a griffin to protect humanity from them, so they are scared of the griffin and will not attack until they see the full documentary and figure out it's weaknesses. If the game is released then they will realise it was all false and begin their assault on the surface.

  3. you do realise that the logical endpoint for this series is you being essentially mummified in cling film and tin foil, right?

  4. Donald Trump figured Watch Dogs 2 plans to take down his presidency so he hired someone who understands gambling and therefore gaming.

    Sorry Laura, you failed me there.
    I don't think Trump is smart enough for all that.

  5. ───────────────███───────────────

  6. I look forward to a SoulsBorn game that has a tinfoil and clingwrap helm as a joke reward from a conspiracy theorist NPC complete with murderously difficult line of quest needed to acquire. (bonus if there's a psychic power boss that can be countered using the helm)

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