Top secret Wikileak government conspiracy depopulation via fake UFO attacks.

This Video Contains Facts & Accurate Information on UFOs, USOs, Aliens, Agartha, Vrill etc. Also Note Nibiru Renamed By N.A.S.A. Eris Does exist but is not of …




  1. exactly according to hindu ancient texts- satyug , treta , dwapar and the present kalyug, the four time cycles for life on the earthaand its on its last stage. and all other things exactly the facts in the hindu mythology

  2. Where does wikileaks fit in, they release actual events ,this is theatre with some facts.PLEASE be honest when labeling ie advertizing or marketing. thanks

  3. The fecal matter will kill you in a few weeks, couldn't watch but 20 seconds of this stupid video. Enjoy life and live good and you should be fine.

  4. Gun control = population control? With these new gun laws that will come to effect it will only help our economy. Money will be spent whether its legal or not for firearms etc. Do you know the statics of how many guns get lost under military supervision. We run on a war economy and this is just the boost it needs

  5. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and "assimilates."

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I'm not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  6. Seriously. You said it! I don't understand the connection between the title & the video. I don't think this is wikileaked info, but just a fiction film. ???

  7. lol jews real saying that is akin to saying 10yr olds run the world. when compared to cultures as old as Judaism they have done very little. what have they done hmm sum modern science stuff but they where not religious thus not really jews. its not jews u need worry about its northern Europeans we rule half of earth. we are the problem not a bunch of savages that really just need to be left alone.

  8. lol ok its simple all u have to do is prove that an we'll all get right on fixing it ok. but till then we cant do anything u have to prove a conspiracy to stop it. I don't think u crazy I just don't think ur aware of how humans actually work that being not well together

  9. for this to be true the queen would need to at lest be pro us policy id never deny the bitch is evil but I don't see how the royal family will last another century

  10. Ummm, I am going to disagree with that statement. I would say the Queen is 3rd behind the US and even the vatican (especially the vatican historically)

  11. Infact americans ARE to blame just because they choose not to know.It reduces nothing in their responsability .The forces commanding the ´´government ´´,behind the throne,if you prefer ,are one way or another accepted by the americans without asking why,just because it is simpler.Sweet children and beautiful girls are dying because of greed and other interests..THAT is unforgivable.NO,we ARE not dumb.

  12. 1. if depopulation will help the world. tell us ffs. tell everyone to stop fucking like bunnies and making 9-10-11 kids With each spouse. tell them there is not enough Resources to fucking support this horny race. 2 if you want the world to gather. do it so that 1 person from each country is the representative. and give everyone 1 watch that you can vote yes or no With. dont let a Select few have the Power. let everyone have it. would solve heck of alot more than they can do alone! pissant gov.

  13. and 3 i hate this fucking comment shit on youtube because i can never seem to put everything i want to say on this god forsaken video i watch. and 4 yes i know im probably sounding like a prick but im so fucking mad at everyone and every "solution" these politicians make that im way past gone in thinking anything could change. People want war. fucking give it to them for all i care. now to og on With my fucking pathetic life and wait for Death. im out!

  14. Divide,conquer,destroy.If we keep allowing them to do this to us as a people,they pretty much will succeed.Stop being blinded by hate,racism,drugs,greed,power,money and false religions leaders.It only helps the devil's cause.

  15. the queen most powerful lol the vatican is the hidden hand in all evil they controlled europe for 4000 plus years through europe the world do you think you would see the real decision makers lol get real and get a brain get doing some homework not watch videos here and become another SHILL

  16. THE QUEENS A GERMAN PATSY MONEY MAKING MACHINE SHE GOT AS MUCH POWER AS HARRY BLOODY POTTER, no wonder we all doomed the eliteists have already won cant u see it yet????? why does nobody here know anything outright just believe 90 per cent of youtube is shills lol i bet agent provocateurs love these sections when they see what they have created and laugh cause it YOU"!!

  17. Typical disinformation propaganda. Mix truth in with BS so it confuses the whole issue. Highly doubt Wikileaks had anything to do with this & is just being used to garner attention for the vid. 

  18. there where no ufos in the war wtf is this shyt time portal i guess hitler lived in 3000 then idiots pure bs plus its pure bull no one even went on the moon it was staged via studio how can you leave a footprint on the moon when there is no gravity huh an a jet can go to space sure when there is no air in space before you even got near space you would pop like a balloon 

  19. Wikileaks have always been right to date and I would think that they will be right again. But don't you think that it is strange that the mainstream media has hardly let us know about the largest trade deal in history? That's a bit strange in itself. – Politicians are Allowing Corporations to Kill us – The TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is so evil that our political negotiators are now allowing 'Cancer' creating carcinogenic crop sprays to be used in the European Union' – http://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/politicians-are-allowing-corporations.html

  20. Very amusing to say the least, how much of it is actually accurate is up for debate, I'll tell you though it would make for one blockbuster movie for sure or perhaps even a bestseller publication. Remember reality is stranger than fiction, that's why I personally believe that Governments around the world have collectively chosen to keep the knowledge that they have a secret, how many people would actually believe a story like that, the public isn't too swift so for many people it would go right over their head. Then you throw in the religious implications and forget it, people would be running around like their hair was on fire, lol. I'm positive that the truth is so out there that even the most rigid state of mind individuals would have a hard time wrapping their head around the facts, #mindblown.

  21. This video isn't conspiracy it's reality, this is what the USA is doing to it's citizens right now, these DEW Direct Energy Weapons, scalar weapons, RNM weapons, and V2K are being used against innocent citizens, all humanity is gone, we are no longer a free nation, tyranny has taken hold of the USA, and the evil plot is spreading across the world. May God bring his kingdom soon, and end this corruption and evil deception.

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