Top Gravity Falls Conspiracies (w/ Lewtoons) – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 66) @ChannelFred

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  1. The Bipper conspiracy reality kind of creeped me out. It makes a lot of sense but hate the idea of Dipper possessed by Bill for pretty much the remainder of the series.

  2. Now that we know Due to journal 3 that Bill could not have been in dippers mind because during not what he seems Ford was fighting bill and nearly killed bill.

  3. I don't think its a Conspiracy that Gidian it a paranormal thing THey say when Diper and Mapel Travel through time they see Gidian then I think they say he is a vampire or something last I saw it was along time ago

  4. About the Robbie Zombie theory, in Scary-oke, the spell says 'Corpus', which is basically 'Corpse.' That is why the Skeleton-like zombies pop up, not the "teenager" zombies.

  5. About Robbie possibly being a zombie; I mean, his parents work in a funeral home. It's quite possible that he has a steady supply of brains.

  6. Wait a minute… did they just say that the lies can't be taken as the truth? Wow, this changes everything. We should burn all three journals and start from scratch.

  7. this is not true because bill wanted to destroy the journal and Dipper had it in his hand for almost all of season 2 not to mention he found journals 1 and 2 in stan's secret lab

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