Top 7 Music Industry CONSPIRACIES

7 Music Industry CONSPIRACY Mysteries Thanks to witness reports and a confession we know Mark Chapman was John Lennon’s killer, but was he really a …




  1. stevie wonder did not catch microphone stand, when paul walked past him, he felt his wake, that's why he reacted by extending his arm/hand, the "catch" was just coincidental, just sayin'

  2. I've noticed over the last few weeks a strange humming and vibrating noise in my house at night.. It started around the time my sister in law moved in.. A strange mystery indeed…

  3. Re: Chapman… "He was calm… as if he'd been programmed." Wow, that's just pure conjecture to say "as if he was programmed." Maybe he was calm because he was… I dunno… a sociopath.

  4. NO NO NO NO!!!! Mark David Chapman was/is NOT some sort of "Manchurian Candidate" what a fucking STUPID thing to think. Sure, Nixon, etc. hated Lennon because Lennon was sharp & if you've actually listened to some of his songs (I mean, like, solo stuff, like Plastic Ono Band or Imagine) he was telling all these assholes that they were nothing but phony, hollow pigs. The reason Chapman killed Lennon is because Chapman turned into a christian somehow (must've been something bad that he ate, LOL!) and, 1) he was "furious" because Lennon had said (quite rightly, too) that the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus" and they were too (still are), plus, Mark had been a Beatles/Lennon fan before & listened to the things Lennon addressed in some of his songs (one example was, from the song "Imagine", when he sings "Imagine no possessions…" well Chapman thought Lennon a hypocrite when singing that but also being rich and having a nice, comfy life, hell he was living in one of the swankiest apt bldgs in NYC, at which many big names lived, The Dakota – these 2 things ate away at the mentally unstable Chapman (any christian is, by definition, unstable!!!), so, NO, Lennon's murder was NOT some shady CIA plot (plus, the CIA is prohibited by law from doing ops domestically. Think they can do what they want? Does anyone remember the Church Committee in the Senate & the Pike Cmte in the House, that investigated scores of abuses of power by not only the CIA but the FBI & others…

  5. Here's the thing. Gangster rap wasn't created to fill prisons… But it was created. 90% of gangster rappers never were gangsters, to begin with. That's the real conspiracy(if you can even call it that)

  6. Umm Stevie wonder is blind, the camera is not pointing to Michael Jackson and he could have heard/felt the microphone fall and it is easy to follow a basket ball game without being able to see it, because the basket ball makes noise and so do the players! And remember when you are blind, your other senses get better

  7. To expand on the last one. It's popular belief of most musicians that the average person doesn't even like music. It only when its shown on TV or on the radio to be so popular that people actually have interest in it.

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