Top 7 BIZARRE Conspiracy Theories that Will BLOW Your Mind

Remember in 2014 when everyone dumped buckets of ice water over each other for charity? That was nice wasn’t it? Until you realise that by doing this you’ve …




  1. Spread a conspiracy for me. I hate idiots who idolize womanizers, and perverts who enable womanizers, people who cut grass with non renewable resources, and those who fund the cartels buying beer and smoke, BUT The Moon is Not a Sphere. It is shaped like a bowl with a lid on it. The Quran explains that the moon rotated on it's axis once, showing that from both sides it I only half a sphere. The moon conspiracy is withheld because the democratic population encourages atheism through it which results in the enablement of womanizers and funding of cartels, as well as negligence and Bigotry (bigotry being the most prominent atheist attribute.). The attack on the church through Moon Conspiracies, is targeted at false religion, which is in fact an atheist sect using the lord's name in vain, and producing brainwashed offspring. In the end though, the only message here is, in Conspiracy context*, that "the Moon is not a sphere, but is in fact a Half-Globe," as described in the Quran. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/imgcat/hires/a16_m_3021.gif this is a photo showing the back of the moon, not the side. Look at the curvatures. PLay With me, and you win AwesomeConspiracyUnearthing Credit.

  2. For dhose шho lack dhe cognitive ability to grasp dhe complexities of our world, strikt lεft-шing ideology may бe more appealing.

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