Top 5 Youtuber Conspiracy Theories (Marina Joyce,Faze Rain/Faze Banks CSGOWild?)

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  1. Well also Sniperwolf barely ever pushes the right buttons for each action and whenever she's live at events she is always absolute shit.

  2. That pretty fucking sexist to assume just because shes a female shes not "a REAL gamer girl" new flash theres no such thing as a "fake" gamer girl. Girls play games all the time. Yall just assume only guys play games like that and girls cant play? Please, just once, think before you speak.

  3. #SaveMarinaJoyce
    I heard that in younow someone told her to do stuff that she commanded her to make sure she is okay. Like when she told her to make a heart and play with her hair and somebody else told her to clap and if she does it, it meant she isn't okay

  4. I met Marina and she was such a lovely girl, she seemed fine and normal until her boyfriend came over, he also whispered something in her ear and as he did she developed a scared emotion on her face, and started acting a little different and weird like you see in her recent videos,, also all her clues were about domestic abuse not kidnapping, before I met Marina I didn't think to much of the theories but now I know that's there is something up with her boyfriend

  5. Guys when marina Joyce's video started there was a women in the window just walking inside the house right at the end

  6. actually for a ps4 controller to work on a ps3 a ps4 charger has to be pluged in from the ps3 controller, and also after being pluged in no matter if its fully charged, the feint yellow charging light would appear. so she is fake but mabye one of you guys can prove me wrong =3

  7. People are so stupid! Its a theory about Clinton! literally at 1:35 they say the name of the youtube channel that did this theory. i scrolled threw comments and most of them are "wtf why is clinton on this" "tf clinton has a youtube" bunch of idiots!

  8. Number 5 the ps4 controller doesn't emit light when pluged into the ps3 is wrong.
    If you dont believe me then go take a look on my channel r3flx king

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