Top 5 Things from Black Mirror that Came True

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  1. Black mirror is so truly horrific that after every episode I have to smoke and drink and say what the fuck man especially the waldo moment

  2. I just heard of black mirror in July of last year and when I seen the waldo episode I was scared as fuck but not as bad as white bear

  3. White bear was the first episode I ever watched and man at the end after I watched it I did nothing but sit there for a half hour not moving then puked out my window screaming wat the fuck mate did I just witness that episode to me is one of the best but I can't watch it cause I'll puke and not sleep when I see it or think about it cause it's so fucked up

  4. most of the things on black mirror already exist or will very soon as the episodes are based on things within society but in extreme cases

  5. If you like this you have to watch inside no 9. It’s very dark with slightly more comedy. It has deep messages and the twists are even better than black mirror.

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