Top 5 Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories // Dark 5 | Snarled

Shane Dawson has a lot of conspiracy theories out there and Rachel has picked the 5 best conspiracy theories from Shane and discusses them. Subscribe to …




  1. Regarding John Lennon, it's actually very easy to get fake shooters to do a government's dirty work, so there is essentially a scapegoat. There's a ton of evidence pointing back to the 1960's and MK Ultra, whereby the US gov was experimenting with using physical and mental trauma to re-wire the brain and essentially brainwash people. One of the documented kinds of programming is alpha programming, used to create 'super soldiers' who will take orders and shoot on command. When someone high profile is killed, I think it's incredibly likely that – although the shooter is a 'nobody' – the motive behind the killing comes from on high.

  2. I had to listen to this 3 times. The "Jesus is an alien" thing , i actually pondered that on my own before i heard it from you. (I didn't see that episode from Shane) Scary. I was thinking 'could God be an alien' and that's how we make it able to process. Sometimes i think it's just better to accept things the way they're presented, cuz when get into thinking about it for real it becomes overwhelming. Y'all didn't even mention Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman about that child sex thing, and they've been outspoken about it for years. Especially Corey Feldman. Chris Cross. Do you remember them? A rap act from the 90s, molested. Even Mr Knowles. Beyonce's father said that R Kelly wanted to manage Destiny's Child but he refused. And we know what he is. Scary….😔🙁😓😞

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