Top 5 mind blowing government conspiracies that turned out to be true

Hey guys you’re watching hardcore! This is our top 5 mind-blowing government conspiracies, that turned out to be true. We all know the government has secrets …




  1. I feel like that you should remain careful ! I have no clue but I mean being so insightful might make you a target. Saying it out of love. Like for all vids to continue

  2. Don't forget the banality of less celebrated government agencies like the FDA.  They require for certain pain medicines (vicodin, hydrocodon, popular ones for post op and injury pain control) are made with high amounts of acetaminophen so that abusers would destroy their livers.  It is supposed to deter such abuse by having the acetaminophen but do you think real druggies would consider these things?

    Also, please speak a little louder and clearer.  Your accent, while fascinating, is hard for the American ear to understand.  Thanks!

  3. If and when a conspiracies that turned out to be true, it wouldn't be a conspiracy any longer. It would be history! What ever happen to vocabulary, I mean; Have the words I learned changed there meanings, someone should tell the various manufactures of dictionaries. Because there still printing the same meanings.

    Theories are unproven facts, history can be documented.

  4. Where is the zombie experiment their working one they said that when zombie come to life one day they will nuk USA well I'm actually gonna survive that's what I'm thinking seriously search it up

  5. They also put toxins in our food like yeast and heavy metals which alter human behavior making us crazy cruel pyscotic etc seriously know joke yeast actually makes people bully,kill,rape,and all other kinds of anti social behavior and also yeast overgrowth in our body can also cause cancer and many other disease's they are tryna corrupt the minds of people thru food thru music games and movies its fucked up shit what i just whrote is the biggest conspiracy of all so bassically the goverments around the world are putting all these toxins in peoples food to make us more subhuman

  6. I know a veteran of two foreign wars (OEF and OIF) who got laid off from the Army after 12 honorable years of faithful service without any explanation.  All he got was a lousy severance check for $50,000 dollars which was taxed up-front at 25% so he only received $37,500.  What's really funny is that if he goes on to earn a retirement pension through the Army reserves which isn't payable until the age of 60, DFAS will recoup the entire $50,000 which means he has to pay back the $37,500 he actually received plus the $12,500 that the government kept for taxes so he ends up gaining $0 and losing $12,500!!!!!  The U.S. government is heinous.  I wrote my congressman a letter about it and he just ignored me.

  7. Government…

    Government has 10 letters in it.

    10 plus 21 is 31.

    Thirty-One has 9 letters in it.

    9 subtracted by 4 is 5.

    There is 5 sides on the Pentagon.

    Pentagon is a shape.

    Square is a shape too.

    Sqaure has 6 letters in it.

    6 MINUS 5 is 1…..


    If 1 is the answer to all this, there might be a DEEPER answer!

    Sense 1 is a digit in 21, and that was the first equation we did?!?!

    Then we must do 21 minus 1 which is 20…

    20 divided by 10 is 2.

    2 plus 5 is 7!

    That MUST mean The Government's FIRST name has 7 letters in it.


    21 minus 1 is 20.

    20 divided by 4 is 5.

    Is the government in the Pentagon?!

    IF SO…

    The answer must be near.

    Sense 5 multiplied by 20 is 100, and 100 divided by 10 is 10 that must mean the Governments MIDDLE name has 10 letters in it..

    Now………. We must find the Last name.

    10 plus 69 is 79.

    79 minus 21 is 58.

    58 minus 50 is 8…

    I ate 8 chips today.

    Chips has 5 letters in it.

    8 minus 5 is 3….

    Wait a moment..

    There is 3 sides to a triangle.


    There is 10 letters to Illuminati..

    If you remember, the governments middle name was supposed to have 10 LETTERS IN IT.

    We are near done.

    10 minus 3 equals 7 and bananas has 7 LETTERS IN IT meaning that Bananas must be the FIRST NAME to the Government!!!

    Sense 21 has a digit of 1 in the ones place…

    We must make 11

    If his middle name is Illuminati and the Illuminati is represented with a triangle.


    11 MINUS 3 equals 8.



    DO YOU SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bananas Illuminati Pentagon


    Bananas are in the Illuminati THEREFORE being in the Pentagon…

    We are all doomed from my concerns.

  8. Whenever i tell my friends about the conspiacies about how our government Are the bad guys and the islamic state are the good guys. they just laugh and make fun of me. Its funny how im the only one in the world whos not brainwashed by the government. They tell you about 9/11 and other bombings, but they dont tell you that we kill millions of people per month.

  9. I think the government is full of shit everything that they say is a lie unless they do something good then they make a big point about it taking all the credit I mean wtf

  10. "If you are poor, if you are hopeless, if you are frustrated with our current government, if you feel like you have no voice, then YOU ARE ONE OF US."
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  11. All I can say is, believe no one. Trust no one. The internet is a web of lies and propaganda made to control and influence anyone who dips their toes in. The government control many information outlets. I am now free to tell of the truth. Trust no one.

  12. CoOl ViD..! I see U are awake 🙂 check out my anti-nwo song video 'Stir Things' if you get a chance and feel free to use it in any future projects. Fight da power! Peace and Love!

  13. Yea it's partially the government. But whose really behind all these are the guys who don't want u to know them. The public are catching on so what do they do? Hide behind the world governments and let them take the hit. You all know who I'm talking about. You work for them and I work for them as well as our governments. They're the same people who've been trying to rule the world since the pharaohs of Egypt and before. The disobedient ones that oppose the creator. Whether you are religious or not, this war has been going on since the beginning. You've heard about this war at least once in your lifetime. It's everywhere right before your eyes. It's even in the cartoons u watched as kids. The battle between good and evil is real. And spread this message if you want to. Either bare the mark of the beast now and burn later or turn from it and find salvation. Your choice. But I am free and just trying to spread a message. Be vigilant my brothers and sisters. May we be blessed with strength to endure the upcoming events. God bless. Amen

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